How to Unlock XS1 Goliath in COD Mobile Fast

Find How to unlock XS1 Goliath faster in COD Mobile Season 3 here!

Unlock XS1-Goliath by completing task in XS1-Golaith Challenge.

COD Mobile XS1-Goliath Challenge - Unlock XS1 Goliath faster - zilliongamer

There are 12 tasks inside the challenge but you don't have to complete it all. Here are some tasks that helps you to unlock XS1-Goliath fast:

1. Play 5 Mp Matches

Play 5 multiplayer matches, doesn't count as win or lose just play to the end and you will get 30xp.

2.Kill 60 Enemies in MP Matches

During your 5 mp matches, try to get high kills every game to secure another 25xp.  If you can't just try to play another 1 or 2 match to complete it.

3.Use scorestreak 8 Times and kill 10 Enemies

Tips to complete this task fast is to equip yourself the uav scorestreak and hunter kill drone because they are two of the lowest score require streak.

By complete this task you wailt get another 26xp.

XS1-Goliath Total Scorestreak Required

Plus another 20xp from your log in today, the total is 101xp which is more than you need to unlock goliath.

Note: The 3 task are only for those who need to unlock xs1-goliath fast. There is another way to unlock it but you need more time.

Login 5 Days Total

By login 3 days total you will get a full 100xp without playing any match or killing any enemies. This is for those who deosn't have much time.


In short, If you want to unlock XS1-Goliath fast you need to play 5 mp matches, kill 60 enemies, and use scorestreak 8 time plus and kill 10 enemies with scorestreak.

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XS1-Goliath Detail