COD Mobile XS1 Goliath Scorestreak

XS1 Golaith is a new scorestreak in Call of Duty Mobile season 3. This scorestreak is a robot that attach with machine gun fire unlimited ammo.

Is it as good as it sound? Find out here!

XS1 Golaith Overview

COD Mobile XS1 Golaith Scorestreak Overview - zilliongamer

XS1 Goliath or Goliath is a robot that has powerful armor and a minigun that can fire limitless ammo.

To activate XS1 Goliath you throw a signal flare on the ground and then the crate will drop down for you to activate.

You will need to kill 6 to 7 enemy without dying to reach the XS1 goliath scorestreak.

Score require: 900.

XS1 Goliath Guide

COD Mobile XS1 Golaith Guide - zilliongamer

First thing after activate your goliath you will notice 3 new ui, that are heat bar, health bar, and leave button.

Heat bar: The curve bar in the middle of the screen show how hot your mini gun is, if you fire too long it will be overheated.

Zoom: I recommend you to zoom in first before fire the minigun because it give more accuracy and less spread.

Fire: Try to do a short spray fire instead of a full spray until your minigun is overheated.

Leave: The red button on the right side of the screen is how you can leave XS1 goliath by self destruction.

Notice your health bar: Always try to look at your healthbar more often because goliath can get destroyed easily.

Be your teammate tank: When you get Goliath it is far better to be your teammate frontline rather than go out alone, they can use you for cover and get more kill. Really good in rank deathmatch & domination mode.

Is XS1 Goliath Good?

Finally, the question you want to know. Yes XS1 Goliath is good in many ways but it still has some down side that is worth checking out.

Low accuracy: The accuracy of the gun is pretty low compare to the death machine or other gun.

Not really that tank: If three of the enemy team is shooting at you and you have no cover, there is a low chance that you gonna survive.

Score require is too high: 900 is equals to 6 or 7 kills without you dying, it is pretty hard to get 6 kills everytime especially in high rank game.

How to unlock XS1 Goliath Scorestreak

Right now you can only get Goliath scorestreak from the care package scorestreak, Soon you will be able to get it.

Make sure to keep track on this post, When the XS1 Goliath is officially out you will be the first one to unlock it.

Unlock XS1-Goliath Fast


In short, XS1 Goliath is a new scorestreak in COD Mobile season 3 that will be out in the near future. It is overall a pretty good and fun scorestreak to use.

Have you try the scorestreak out yet? If so leave your comment down below.