How to Rank up Faster in Call of Duty Mobile

Ranking up in Call of Duty Mobile multiplayer can be very hard sometime since the matchmaking system is really broken in the current state. Here are some tips that you can use to rank up a little bit faster.

Getting yourself a full squad

Playing solo is extremely hard to win. Try to get yourself 4 other friends to queue with you so you can have good communication during the match.

Try to add more friends after the end of the match if your friend don't play the game. Once you have full squad the winning odds are more likely to be on your side.

You can as well find Discord server to find a lot of players inside there. 

Set up Correct Loadout for Rank Match

When coming to rank match everything is extremely important, your position, perks, weapons choice, scorestreaks, and operator skills. Set your loadout correctly that will provide you advantage over your enemy.

Loadout for Multiplayer Rank Match in Call of Duty Mobile.

First, Ask yourself what kind of role that you want to play in rank. Aggresive? Passive? Supportive? Then visit our perks guide or set up your own loadout.

You can copy the loadout from some of the high ranked players who live everyday playing COD Mobile rank on youtube such as iFerg, Jokesta and more.

Choosing your Gun

Weapon choice is consider to be the most important factor when playing rank match. Choosing the gun that you feel comfortable to use and stick with it, give yourself time using that gun for 2 or 3 days to see if it work.

Regarding choosing gun, most high rank players prefer their gun to have fast fire rate and fast movement when using such as AK117, MSMC, AKS-74U, S36 and more. In the current state AK117 is the best one to use.


These are the 3 meta that a lot of high rank players doing right now to avoid losing ranks point. Most important steps is to avoid playing solo.