How to get Katana Operator Skill in COD Mobile

Find out how to unlock Katana Operator skill in COD Mobile for free and fast here.

How to get Katana in COD Mobile | zilliongamer

In order to unlock Katana you need to complete tasks in Katana Kill featured event and you need to reach 90XP to get it.

There are a total of 10 tasks that you can complete such as:

  • Play 10 Frontline Matches.
  • Occupy Point 10 Times in Hardpoint Matches.
  • Play 8 Domination Matches.
  • Play 10 MP Matches with Friends.
  • Place First of MVP in 4 MP Matches.
  • Play 30 TDM Matches.
  • Kill 5 enemies with Operator skills.
  • Play 3 Gulag Gunfight Matches.
  • Cumulative Login for 5 days.
  • Kill 5 Enemies with DR-H in any mode.

Katana Overview & Tips

Katana Operator Skill | COD Mobile | zilliongamer

When using Katana operator skill you will become Third person and swiftly kill enemies at close range, while also detecting hostiles within the shroud of any smoke grenade. 

1 Hit Kill: It is one of the easiest operator skill to use, you just need to detect the enemies and press attack.

Close range: Using Katana in close range is very overpower, it can strike multiple enemies with almost 0 delay.

Use Quick Fix Perk: The combination of Katana and quick fix perk make you very hard to be killed.

Always Sprint: During the Katana activated period, always sprint it boost your movement speed a lot and make your target harder to get hit.


In conclusion, Katana is a very overpower operator skill in Season 8 that you can get for free in Katana Kill event.