How to use Hawk X3 in COD Mobile

The Hawk X3 is a scorestreaks that was released in Season 4: Spurned & Burned. Find out how to use the Hawk X3 to the full potential here.

In-game description: The Hawk X3 is a manually controlled drone with a machine gun as the weapon.

The Hawk X3 has 750 scorestreaks which means you will need to get 7 kills to activate the drone or 6 kills with hardline perk.

This scorestreak is very familiar to the MQ-27 Dragon Fire, you will control a drone that can shoot at the enemy.

Our Tips when using the Hawk X3

The first thing you need to know when using the Hawk X3 is to find a good position before activating the scorestreak because you will become vulnerable when you control your drone.

Try to find a safe place or prone somewhere off angle when controlling your drone.

Hawk X3: How to use

Use it as a call out information for your team as well as eliminating enemies. If you are playing with a full team with communication, the drone will highlight the enemies positions, if you are not in range you can provide the information for your team.

Fly High and be aware of your surroundings first then move into another target. This allows you to make sure that no one is near you when you start using the drone.

Be aware of your drone HP and battery, generally you will be able to fly the Hawk X3 for about 30 to 40 seconds if it didn’t get noticed by the enemy.

Just try to be aware of the enemies when flying the drone, you don’t want them to know that the drone is near them.

Beware of the Hawk X3 Bug

Currently most players experience when they use Hawk X3 Bug they are stuck at the drone controller screen, this is a known bugs and you need to be aware of.

COD Mobile Hawk X3 Bug

For now, the only ways to fix Hawk X3 bug is to run into the enemies and let them eliminate you so you can respawn without having the Hawk X3 activated.

Besides that, there is nothing can do so for right now you should use it at your own risk.

Overall, the Hawk X3 is a very good scorestreak to use in COD Mobile that requires 7 kills to activate the drone and it can be used as both eliminating or information scorestreak.