COD Mobile MQ-27 Dragonfire Scorestreak

New scorestreak in Call of Duty Mobile MQ-27 Dragonfire is a drone scorestreak that can fly around and fire at enemy. But is it good for you? Find out here.

Scorestreak Overview

MQ-27 Dragonfire | Call of Duty Mobile - zilliongamer

MQ-27 Dragonfire is a high scorestreak, higher than Predator Missile which require you to get on a six to seven killstreak to activate this scorestreak.

When activate MQ-27 Dragonfire you will no longer control your character, you control the MQ-27 Drone to fly around the map spotting enemy and fire at them at your will.

Score require: 750.

Shots total: 3.

Max speed: 28.2 KM/H.

MQ-27 Dragonfire Guides

MQ-27 Dragonfire Guide | Call of Duty Mobile - zilliongamer

When activate MQ-27 Dragonfire you will see the u.i and control of the drone, You can see in the picture which describe every control function.

Start the drone by pressing fly up and move into position, there the drone will start spotting enemies.

Require precise aim at the target because the drone infrared explosive is very small.

Position awareness: You don't want to activate the scorestreak in the middle of combat since you will be expose to the treat around you. Instead find safe place before activate it.

Communication: When you are controlling the MQ-27 you will see all the enemy position and that is good for you but you also need to tell your team where the enemy at as well.

Best Gamemode for MQ-27 Dragonfire

MQ-27 Dragonfire is a high kill points scorestreak so gamemode like Search & Destroy won't be good to play with this scorestreak.

Here are some of the best gamemode that you can use this scorestreak in:

Domination: When playing domination you will have more chance to aim for high kills and that is easier to activate MQ-27.

Deathmatch: When playing Deathmatch you often go against atleast one camper and the drone can help you eliminate the issue.


MQ-27 Dragonfire is more of a spying scorestreak than a threat to the enemy. When playing with this scorestreak you will need a team that have communication so you can provide all the intel that you gathered.

What do you think? Is MQ-27 Dragonfire good? Leave your thought down below.