Best Pistol Loadout in COD Mobile Season 1 2023

Pistol is the most used secondary in Call of Duty Mobile alongside Launchers, and Knifes.

In this article you are going to find out the best pistol loadout for Season 1 2023 build to help you win more gunfight.

Best Pistol in COD Mobile Season 1

There are a total of 6 pistols and here we have a list sorting from strongest to weakest.

  1. L-CAR 9
  2. Shorty
  3. J358
  4. .50 GS
  5. Renetti
  6. MW11

L-CAR9 and Shorty are leading the meta of pistols right now and can be seen on both professional and casual hand.

Down below you can find all pistol loadout and why they are standing on their respective rank.

1. L-CAR 9

L-CAR 9 is the only fully automatic sidearm in Call of Duty Mobile that work like an SMG in cqc.

Best Pistol in COD Mobile: L-CAR 9

The L-CAR 9 deal high damage in close quarter combat, having the L-CAR 9 as your secondary is very helpful because it has fast fire rate and fast time to kill.

Our L-CAR 9 loadout build with attachments that increase the accuracy, ranges, and more ammo in your magazine in case your primary ammo is at 0.

In-depth stats wise, the L-CAR 9 has a prime range of 0 to 8 meters before the damage drop off dealing 26 damage everywhere except head and legs.

Headshot wise this pistol deal 28.6 damage, we recommend to only use the L-CAR 9 in extremely close range because the gun has huge damage drop off past 14 meters.

2. Shorty

Shorty is a short pump action shotgun that can fire 2 shots before it reloading. An alternative for those that like to use a high damage weapon.

Second Best Pistol in COD Mobile: Shorty

The Shorty is a great sidearm that you should use if you want to take down an enemy faster than the L-CAR 9, however it's easy to punish when you missed your shot.

For it's loadout, we build the Shorty with attachments that helps make the gun more accurate and easier to use even in hip fire range.

Stats detail wise, the Shorty has a prime range of 0 to 3 meters which is extremely close quarter, almost at point blank range.

At it prime range that gun deal 25*9 damage when hitting at the upper chest area, and that is where we highly recommend to aim at when using the Shorty.

3. J358

J358 is similar to a revolver in other Call of Duty, however in COD Mobile it has great performance for close to long range.

Third Best Pistol in COD Mobile: J358

The J358 is a great gun for you if you are looking for a good close to long range pistol, it's prime range lasted up to 18 meters which is a good range for a pistol.

Damage wise, the J358 deal 90 damage when hitting headshot and 60 when hitting anywhere else.

On paper it is a very strong gun to use, but it will require you to be extremely accurate as well. Since missing shot will get you punish because it has pretty slow fire rate.

Loadout wise, we build the J358 with attachments that increase the firing rate, higher body damage, and improve the overall accuracy of the gun.

The J358 deserved to be on our top 3 because it's quite a powerful pistol in COD Mobile, and you should give it a try.

4. .50 GS

.50 GS or Deagle is a hard hitting pistol that known for dealing high damage but hard to control recoil and accuracy.

.50 GS COD Mobile

When using the .50 GS you have a prime range of 0 to 10 meters to deal a full damage of 105 to the head and 70 anywhere else of your enemy body.

It has decent fire rate, but it also has pretty high recoil bounce after each shot, because of that we decide to build an akimbo version for it instead.

The .50 GS Akimbo loadout build to embrace the power that this pistol have while improving the firing accuracy which allows you run n gun with it as well.

5. Renetti

Renetti is a burst pistol that is good for close quarter combat, but require such great accuracy to land the burst on your target.

Renetti COD Mobile

When a gun has a main firing mode of burst, it's essentially hard to use, the same to this pistol. It has pretty low accuracy after 10 meters regarding the high damage that it can output.

The Renetti has a prime range of 0 to 10 meters and when you hit a full burst to any part of the body except headshot the gun deal 70.

Headshot wise the gun deal up to 105 but it's extremely hard to achieve that 1 shot burst. We recommend to aim at the stomach and upper chest area instead.

For the Renetti loadout, we build with attachments that helps suppressed the firing sound, improve overall accuracy, and firing rate which can make the gun a little more accurate.

6. MW11

MW11 is the default secondary that you get when you first playing the COD Mobile, it's a reliable sidearm that deal good damage.

MW11 COD Mobile

The MW11 deal good damage but you need to hit a certain body part to achieve it's fast TTK.

It has the prime range of 0 to 9 meters which is just 1 more meters than the Shorty, damage wise the MW11 deal 40.25 when hitting the upper chest area and stomach.

When hitting headshot the gun output up to 61.25 damage, the damage will drop once you hit the target that located farther than it prime range.

For the loadout we build the MW11 into a long range pistol that can still output damage, plus we added extra ammo and other attachments to strengthen this gun performance.

To Wrap Up our Pistol loadout

In conclusion, We have 6 pistols that is in the meta pool of Call of Duty Mobile, and L-CAR 9 and Shorty seems to be the meta for Season 1 2023. You can try other pistols as well since we already all the build on the image.

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