Best Guns in COD Mobile Season 1 2023

COD Mobile Season 1 2023 "Reawakening" is out for a couple day already. Let see how's the weapons meta have evolves.

Season 1 is finally over, see how the weapon meta evolve going into Season 2 Heavy metal.

Here are 10 best guns in COD Mobile Season 1

  1. Krig 6
  2. Kilo 141
  3. Switchblade X9
  4. CBR4
  5. DL Q33
  6. ZRG 20mm
  7. SKS
  8. Holger 26
  9. Dingo
  10. KRM-262

The Krig 6 and Kilo 141 are still leading the meta in COD Mobile Season 1 2023, meanwhile creeping up behind them are the close quarters monsters.

Here are the best gun in each weapon class of COD Mobile Season 1 2023

In this part we pick out the best gun from each weapon class with explanation of why these weapons are leading in Season 1 meta.

Krig 6

Krig 6 is the best gun in COD Mobile Season 1 that lead the close range meta used by both professional and casual players.

Krig 6 best gun COD Mobile

From 0 to 17 meters the Krig 6 deal 30 damage, a perfect aggressive assault rifle to use in close range, with the bullet speed of 1100m/s you can take down multiple enemies per mags easily.

Outside of it's prime range the Krig 6 also very good gun to use up to 40 meters, you can still deal 24 damage which mean that it's still a 4 shots assault rifle.

Kilo 141

We have the Kilo 141 as the runner up for the best gun in 2023. A well rounder AR that is great for close to mid range.

Kilo 141 second best gun COD Mobile

The Kilo 141 deal 29 damage up to 16 meters with the fire rate of 88ms, despite having lower damage than the Krig 6, the Kilo 141 has greater recoil control which allows you to hit your shots more accurate.

This gun is great for those that like tactical playstyle likes holding & defending objectives, and those that like to pick mid to long range gunfight.

Switchblade X9

When it come to close quarter combat the Switchblade X9 is leading the SMG meta for Season 1 2023.

Switchblade X9 best smg COD Mobile

From 0 to 10 meters the Switchblade X9 deal 27 damage with fire rate of 71ms, this smg is deadly from point blank to 10 meters range.

The Switchblade X9 fit perfectly for run and gun aggressive players, with the low recoil control you can build it for faster ADS speeds and still maintain accuracy.


The second best smg in Season 1 is the CBR4 submachine gun. Overall a great smg beside Switchblade X9.

CBR4 second best smg COD Mobile

The CBR4 deal 24 damage with the prime range of 0 to 11 meters, beside that it only has 1 damage drop off after the prime range up to 17 meters, so the gun is still good for ranges combat as well.

The CBR4  has very low recoil control, combine that with 75ms fire interval speed you'll have a lethal close range smg to use for run and gun.

DL Q33

Moving into sniper category, we rank DL Q33 as the best sniper in COD Mobile Season 1 2023.

DL Q33 best sniper COD Mobile

The DL Q33 deal 360 headshot damage and 150.3 damage to the upper chest up to 300 meters with the bullet speed of 1200ms.

Basically the DL Q33 can guaranteed one shot your opponent when you aim to the head or the upper chest area. Overall, this sniper has great accuracy that worth a try.

ZRG 20mm

We rank the ZRG 20mm as the second best sniper to use in Season 1 because of it's damage drop off in range.

ZRG 20mm second best sniper COD Mobile

The ZRG 20mm deal 190 headshot damage and 152 damage to the upper chest area from 0 to 55 meters. However, from 55 to 300 meters the damage drop to 160 headshot and 128 upper chest area.

The ZRG 20mm is a greater sniper to use for close range compare to DL Q33 however when it come to long range, the DL take the lead, moreover the DL Q33 also has higher headshot damage at any ranges.


When it come to marksman, the SKS lead the meta, this two taps machine is deadly for close to mid range.

SKS best marksman COD Mobile

From 0 to 40 meters the SKS deal 60 damage to the upper chest area, even though the gun is semi automatic, you can still fire the gun rapidly.

This gun has great accuracy and is build for close to mid range combat, you only need two body shots to eliminate your opponents.

Holger 26

The hybrid version of Holger 26 is still leading the lmg meta in 2023. You should use this as assault rifle for max damage output.

Holger 26 best lmg COD Mobile

The Holger LMG deal 31 damage up to 18 meters, a very high damage output gun with the fire rate of 85ms the gun can eliminate the target very quick.

Beside that the Holger 26 barely have any recoil control and when you use it as a hybrid assault rifle you will be surprised of how quick it take to eliminate an enemy.


The latest released weapon in COD Mobile Dingo is the second best LMG for Season 1 that you should try.

Dingo second best lmg COD Mobile

Dingo is a great LMG to use for close quarter combat, despite having high recoil the gun also deal very high damage with 30.8 upper chest damage up to 12 meters.

We build this gun to improve the insanely high recoil sway, so expect a little bit of recoil kick when you fire this gun.


The longest reign when it come to shotgun is the KRM-262, this one shot shotgun is very lethal for close quarter combat.

KRM-262 best shotgn COD Mobile

The KRM-262 shotgun deal 26*12 when hitting the upper chest area up to 3 meters and it's also has the tightest bullet spread which make each shot very accurate even with hip fire.

Without any argument the KRM-262 is the king of the close quarter combat, it's also great for aggressive players that like to rush hardpoint or hills which most gunfight only happened in close range.

Wrap Up Season 1 2023 Meta

In Short, We are now in another new year of Call of Duty Mobile, even though the guns meta remain similar to the last two season we can see that run n gun weapons are slowing coming back into the top.

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