Best Assault Rifle in Arena Breakout Season 1

With all the assault rifles, the weapon choice can be confusing for a lot of new players. Here you can find out the best assault rifles in Arena Breakout to help you win more gunfights.

Best Assault Rifle in Arena Breakout Season 1

Top 5 Best Assault Rifles in Arena Breakout Right Now

  1. M4A1
  2. H416
  3. FAL
  4. AR-57
  5. AKM

Now we all know that Arena Breakout isn’t a game that fully relies on only the weapons, you will have to choose the right ammo and a proper build to maximize the weapon output damage.

Let’s get into why we ranked those 5 weapons as the best assault rifles in Arena Breakout.

1. M4A1

This weapon is highly known for having a very fast rate of fire and great accuracy. The M4A1 is the best assault rifle in Arena Breakout that can help you win more of your gunfight.

M4A1 Arena Breakout Budget Build - zilliongamer

What makes the M4A1 standing on top of the assault rifles pool is that the weapon has low recoil control which makes the gun very easy to use for any range combat.

Beside the powerful stats, the M4A1 has a wide variety of attachments that you can build into different types of M4 as well. Overall, the M4A1 is powerful and also fun to use.

What’s a drawback when using the M4A1 is its price. You will need around 100,000 Koen to afford a good M4A1 build.

2. H416

The second best assault rifle in Arena Breakout is the H416, the M4A1 little brother

The H416 has an extremely fast fire rate which means that you will eliminate the enemy quickly. It also has low recoil and good accuracy which is a deadly combination during gunfights.

H416 Arena Breakout Budget Build - zilliongamer

However, the H416 is powerful only up to 60 meters. So the gun is great for close to medium range but for long range, not as much.

Other than that, the H416 cost to build is also expensive, it’s not really a beginner friendly gun at all even at budget build you will need at least 200,000 Koen in the bank.

3. FAL

The FAL is Arena Breakout veteran’s favorite assault rifle. If only the gun didn’t get the recoil nerfed it’s properly staying even on top of M4A1 in terms of where it ranks.

FAL Arena Breakout Budget Build - zilliongamer

The FAL is an assault rifle that has decent fire rate but excels at accuracy and farthest range support. This gun used to be meta back in closed beta but then it got nerfed which made the gun harder to use when firing full auto.

So a majority of players move away from the FAL. However some players still prefer the FAL over the M4A1 or the H416 because of the cheap cost to build a proper FAL class.

You only need around 80,000 Koen to turn the gun around and make it usable again without having to worry that much about the high recoil control.

So the reason the FAL is in the top 3 of Arena Breakout is that it’s cheap, and it still performs quite well. Just get yourself a budget build and you are good to go.

4. AR-57

Ranking number four on the list is the AR-57 assault rifle. This weapon is very underrated and it’s flying under a lot of players' radar right now and you should take advantage of it.

AR-57 Arena Breakout Budget Build - zilliongamer

The AR-57 is an assault rifle that has the fastest rate of fire (900 rounds per minute) that is 15 bullets per second, it also has great accuracy on par with the M4A1 as well.

Recoil wise, the AR-57 has good handling when firing fully auto and it is accurate up to 80 meters which is great for close and medium range gunfight.

More than that, it’s quite cheap to build this gun. You only need 50,000 Koen to come up with a proper budget AR-57 build to dominate your gun fights against the enemy.

We highly recommend you to try out the AR-57, especially for beginner or new players that don't have a lot of money to build the top 3 assault rifles.

5. AKM

Standing on the bottom of our top 5 list is the AKM. It’s a decent assault rifle and it’s quite easy to obtain this weapon so a lot of players are using it right now.

AKM Arena Breakout Budget Build - zilliongamer

The AKM is an assault rifle that has a decent rate of fire and good accuracy. This assault rifle is an entry for a lot of Arena Breakout players, it has good recoil control so when it comes to close range gunfight you can rely on it.

Beside that, you don’t really need to have a lot of money to build a proper class for the AKM, around 30,000 Koenis more than enough to build an AKM budget class and head into your raid.

We can recommend you to try out the gun if you are new to the game or you are struggling with the money and want to build a good weapon to win more gunfights.

Our Thought on Season 1 Best Assault Rifles

Overall, Arena Breakout is still in its early stage, players are still grinding for more cash, weapons are still being tested as well as their gunsmith.

So we hope we can provide you with some sort of blueprint or suggestion on which assault rifle you should pick to hopefully help you win more gunfights.