Arena Breakout Soft Launch on June 26th

Great news after great news from Arena Breakout. We now all know that Arena Breakout will launch worldwide on July 14th. However, if you are living in Brazil or the Philippines, you will get a chance to play the game even earlier.

Arena Breakout Soft Launch on June 26th

Reside of both Brazil and the Philippines are very lucky because you will get a chance to play Arena Breakout early on June 26th. So make sure you get your device ready.

For those that wonder what Arena Breakout is, it's an extractor shooter looter game featuring first person shooter (FPS) only with hardcore surviving aspects every time you get into your match.

Complicated mechanics such as Weapon gunsmith, Ammo choice, Body armor and helmet choice will affect how well you've prepared before getting into your match.

Winner takes all, you die you lose everything that you take into the match. This is how hardcore Arena Breakout is.

Each step, each decision you take in the match will have consequences, the shot you take, or the shot you didn't take will all require real-time decisions that you need to make for your outcome.

Beside that, Arena Breakout also features several maps and you will unlock them once you progress into a higher level.

So again, if you are a resident of Brazil or the Philippines, we highly recommend you to check this game out and you will be amazed how awesome the game is.

It's also a new and unique genre for mobile games where at the current stage is getting dominated by Battle Royale and MOBA.

Is it worth to try Arena Breakout?

It's absolute worth giving Arena Breakout a shot especially if you are burned out from all the fast paced shooting games and want to switch to a more military / hardcore shooting game. This game is for you.

Right now you can pre-register Arena Breakout in Google Play for Android and App Store for iOS. It's free so why not?

In Conclusion, Arena Breakout is a brand new game that you can learn from scratch, you already have shooting skills, so it's not that hard to learn this game, and when you master it's mechanic and tactical playstyle, it's very fun and the adrenaline rush you can get from this game when you make a successful extract is insane.