Arena Breakout Global Launch Worldwide in July

The latest beta has concluded. A day after that, They have announced their Global launch worldwide coming in July available on both App Store and Google Play. Make sure you pre-register the game for pre-download notification.

Update: Arena Breakout Global Launch on July 14th

This is a very great news for the Arena Breakout fan and players, you will be able to play Arena Breakout globally on July 14th, no more VPN, no more lag. Mark your calendar, the best mobile extraction shooter game is about to release.

What is Arena Breakout?

Have you ever heard of Escape from Tarkov? Basically, it’s an Escape from Tarkov mobile version. It’s a loot and extraction next-gen immersive tactical shooter game, first person view only.

Arena Breakout is a hardcore shooter looter game that features high risk high reward and complicated in-game mechanics such as weapon gunsmith, ammo and body armor tier calculation, budget management and more.

It’s way more than just an aim and shoot game, you have to be extremely cautious on every action you want to do in this game. Footsteps are extremely accurate, as well as firing sound, kills do not matter much as in Battle royale or arcade shooter games.

Do I need a High spec Device to play Arena Breakout?

Not necessary, Arena Breakout also has the LITE version so if your device can’t handle the normal version, you can try out the LITE version and enjoy the game.

We play the game on an Asus ROG5 and the game runs surprisingly well with 60fps and medium graphics, a great combo for visibility and smooth gameplay.

So yeah, you don’t really need a very high device to enjoy this game. But having a high device is a perk that can improve your gameplay as well.

Wrap Up

In Conclusion, make sure to pre-register Arena Breakout to get a notification when the game comes out. We know that it’s coming out in July but there is no exact date yet.