Apex Legends Mobile Mozambique Damage Stats, Attachments, & Skins

Mozambique is a shotgun that use Shotgun shells created by Altamirano Armory.

Apex Legends Mobile Mozambique Damage stats, Attachments, & Skins

The Mozambique is a shotgun pistol in Apex Legends Mobile that deal decent damage with fast rate of fire and good accuracy. The Mozambique is a good close quarter shotgun to use.

Mozambique Damage profile stats

  • Damage (Body/Head/Leg): 45/69/42
  • Body Shots to kill: 3/4/4/5/5
  • FortifiedBody Shots to kill: 3/4/5/6/6
  • Rate of fire: 132RPM
  • Effective range: 103M
  • Tac Reload Speed: 2.1s
  • Full Reload Speed: 2.6s
  • Mag Size: 5

Mozambique Recoil pattern

In Apex Legends Mobile Mozambique recoil is a triangle effect with decent spread between each bullet.

Apex Legends Mobile Mozambique recoil pattern - zilliongamer

Mozambique Attachments list

In Apex Legends Mobile Mozambique utilize 3 types of attachments such as:

Apex Legends Mobile Hop-Up: Hammerpoint Rounds - zilliongamerHammerpoint RoundsIncreases unshielded damage.
Apex Legends Mobile Extended Shotgun Bolt - zilliongamerShotgun BoltIncreases rate of fire base on attachment rarity.
Optics attachment list in Apex Legends Mobile - zilliongamerOpticsEnhance vision when aiming down sight.
  • Mozambique Compatible Optics:
    • 1x HCOG 'Classic'
    • 1x Holo, 2x HCOG 'Bruiser'
    • 1x-2x Variable Holo
    • 1x Digital Threat

A fully kitted Mozambique attachments make the gun stronger against unshielded enemy, shoot faster, and improve visibility when ADS.

Mozambique Strength and Weakness

All Weapons in Apex Legends Mobile have their own strength and weakness.

Here are Mozambique Pros n Cons:

Mozambique Strength:

  • Powerful vs Unshielded enemy.
  • Good for early game.
  • Good rate of fire.
  • Clean iron sight.

Mozambique Weakness:

  • Damage fall off in mid range.
  • Lack power in mid to late game.

Mozambique Skins List

Find Mozambique legendary skins and other rarity in Apex Legends Mobile here:

Legendary Skins:

Mozambique Red Alert

Apex Legends Mobile Mozambique Red Alert - zilliongamer

Epic Skins:

Mozambique Eye of the Storm

Apex Legends Mobile Mozambique Eye of the Storm - zilliongamer

Mozambique Scavenger Hunt

Apex Legends Mobile Mozambique Scavenger Hunt - zilliongamer

Rare Skins:

Mozambique Canopy

Apex Legends Mobile Mozambique Canopy - zilliongamer

Mozambique Navigator

Apex Legends Mobile Mozambique Navigator - zilliongamer

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