How to quickly Farm Phlogiston in Wuthering Waves

Phlogiston is a material in Wuthering Waves that you need to break through weapons and upgrade skills for Pistols Resonators. Find out how to get this material down below:

Phlogiston Overview

There are 4 rarities of Phlogiston, Impure Phlogiston (Green), Extracted Phlogiston (Blue), Refined Phlogiston (Purple), and Flawless Phlogiston (Gold). The Green and Blue rarities are easy to farm and can be use in the early state of the game. Where the Purple and Gold rarities can be use in higher progression of the game.

Phogiston Material | Wuthering Waves

The higher you progress the more Phlogiston you need because it involves in every important upgrades which ultimately make Resonantors stronger.

There are 3 ways to farm Phlogiston material in Wuthering Waves such as Forgery Challenge, Synthesis, and Weapon Crafting Shop. Let's go through each steps down below:

Forgery Challenge Marigold Wood

This method is a good way to farm for Phlogiston material, however this is not a free challenge but it's easy to win and get back Phlogiston material as a reward.

After success the challenge it guarantees a 100% Impure Phlogiston (Green) and Extracted Phlogiston (Blue) drop and Purple rarity has a 30% chance drop, Gold rarity has a 10% chance drop in this challenge.

Marigold Wood Forgery Challenge | Wuthering Waves

Note: Play he Forgery Challenge Marigold will consume 40 waveplates per challenge.


This method is a great way you can go and synthesize by using Green & Blue Phlogiston rarities and turn them into Purple or Gold Rarities as much as you can. 

With this function, the more Green & Blue Phlogiston you have the better chance you get more Purple & Gold Phlogiston for your higher progression.

Weapon Crafting Uncle Wei Shop

The last method is simple and the easiest way to get Impured Phlogiston (Green) but it is limited and involves spending in-game currency you just need to find Uncle Wei in front of the weapon crafting and you can buy it from him.


In short, Even though Phlogiston is a basic material you still need to farm them a much as possible because you will need them to break through weapons and upgrades skill for Pistols Resonantors.