How to quickly Farm Mask in Wuthering Waves

Mask is a material in Wuthering Waves that you need to upgrade your weapon, ascend Resonators, and upgrade skills. Find out how to get this material down below:

Mask Overview

There are 4 rarities of Mask, Mask of Constraint (Green), Mask of Erosion (Blue), Mask of Distortion (Purple), and Mask of Insanity (Gold). The Green and Blue rarities are easy to farm and can be use in the early state of the game. Where the Purple and Gold rarities can be use in higher progression of the game.

Mask | Wuthering Waves

The higher you progress the more you need Mask material because it involves in every important upgrade which ultimately make your Resonator stronger.

There are 2 ways to farm Mask in Wuthering Waves such as Echo Hunting, and Synthesis Weapon Let's go through each steps down below:

Echo Hunting for Mask

Echo Hunting is the best way to farm Mask for free, there are 3 echoes that may drop Mask you can detect any echo and eliminate them, Mask may drop at the bottom left of your screen as you can see inside the video. After eliminate echo it will automatic detect the next target and you can farm for Mask as much as you can.

Note: Mask of Constraint (Green) has higher % that may drop in this Echo Hunting Way.

Echoes That Drop Mask:

  • Fractsidus Executioner
  • Fractsidus Cannoneer
  • Fractsidus Gunmaster


Synthesis is a physical store in Wuthering Waves that you can go and synthesize your low rarity and turn them into a purple or gold rarity.

With this function, the more Mask of Constraint (Green) you have the better, because you can use it to synthesize a lot of Purple or Gold Mask rarity as much as you can. 


In short, Even though Mask is a basic material you still need to farm them as much as possible because you will need them in every step of your progression.