How to Craft Explosive Drone in Undawn

Explosive Drone is a Small Flying Fighting Object that can deal more damage to enemies when you activate it. Find out in-depth ways to get Explosive Drone in this article.

How to Craft Explosive Drone in Undawn

To Craft an Explosive Drone first thing you need to have at least Character Level.8 and then go to 1. Workbench > 2. Click on Craft Drone > 3. Click on Drone Icon as we mention in the image above. After that, you will need 6 Drone Modules in order to Craft an Explosive Drone such as:

Drone Module in Undawn

  • Stability Module
  • Structure Module
  • Core Module
  • Firepower Module
  • Power Module
  • Explosive Chip

How to Craft All 6 Drone Module

How to Craft Drone Module in Undawn

To Craft all 6 Drone Module. First, go to 1. Workbench > 2. Click on Craft Drones > 3. Select on Module Icon then you will see all 6 Drone Modules inside it.  

Note: Click on the Material Name of each Drone Module to get full detail on how to find it. 

Stability Module Materials

Structure Module Materials

Core Module Materials

Firepower Module Materials

Power Module Materials

Explosive Chip Materials


Explosive Drone has a different type of Level. The Higher the level of Explosive Drone that you craft the higher damage you can get from it. And the Materials to craft all 6 Modules are also increased.