How To Climb TFT Ranks Fast

Teamfight Tactics is an auto chess game under Riot Games and has familiar to League of Legends. Not only champions and items but TFT ranks is also like League of Legends. Since TFT is a competitive game, some players are still stuck in the low TFT ranks tier.

We will explain some information about the TFT rank system, how it works, and how to climb TFT rank fast.

TFT Rank Tiers

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Currently, there are nine rank tiers in TFT rank which are the same as League of Legends.

  • Iron
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Master
  • Grandmaster
  • Challenger

TFT Rank System

In TFT rank system we categorized it into 4 points such as season, placement & promotion, demotion & decay, and rewards.

TFT Season

Ranked seasons in TFT are significantly shorter than League of Legends alongside with new set of champions and traits every season. Riot's goal is to start a new season every few months which means they can launch three or four seasons per year.

Placements & Promotions

Whenever TFT ranked season starts, TFT introduces a new set that you need to start over again and learn the new set. you will play 5 placement matches at the start of each season to calculate your starting rank. 

In the placement matches, you can earn up to 100 LP with no LP deduction when you lost. After the placement matches, you will start losing your LP when you are losing the match. To climb ranks in TFT, you need to reach 100 LP to promote to the next TFT rank division and your leftover LP will retain. 

Demotions & Decay

You will get demoted when you lose a match while you have zero LP. After demoted, you will have 75 LP in the next division. However, You can't demote to a lower TFT rank tier once you reached Gold and Master. In Master division and above, you will get 10 tier protection. Once you lost all tier protection your LP will be deducted 250 LP every day.

TFT Season Rewards

You will get rewards at the end of every season when you reach Gold or above. Rewards include exclusive emotes, and Little Legends for your hard work throughout the season.

How to Climb TFT Ranks Fast

Down below are 8 tips on how to climb up TFT Rank that will help you to reach your goal in TFT ranks fast.

Learn TFT Meta Comps

This is the most important tip that you need to focus on in order to win every game in TFT. Read every TFT patch notes and try to understand and figure out the TFT Meta comps in every patch by looking at the champions, trait, items balance changes.

View TFT Comps

Learn TFT Items Recipes

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View TFT Items List

Items are also an important thing that you need to learn. Try to read each item description to understand the stats and benefits so you know which item can strengthen or weakened your carry. You also need to know what the combination of items looks like, so it will help you to choose the right item in the carousel round.

Aim For Top 4

We can't ensure that in every game you take first place because you have 7 opponents in the match​ and few of them can be better than you. Remember that taking top 4 place will give you points. 

Know How The TFT Gold Work

How to Climb TFT Ranks: TFT Gold - zilliongamer

Gold can be used to buy champions and experience points. It is very important to know where you can get extra gold profits to increase your gold income and keep a healthy economy.

Where Gold come from:

  • Every turn, each player gets a certain amount of gold
  • From win and lose streak
  • Every 10 gold you have, you will get 1 extra gold per turn (Max 50)

Watch Your Opponents

It is also a helpful way to win the game when you know what comp your opponents are playing. You can build a comp that can counter their comp or position your board units to avoid Blitzcrank's hook or Zephyr as well. However, try not to build the same team comp as your opponents because it will have less chance of champions appear in the store.

Learn to Decide Fast

Fast decision-making can help you win the game. Check your opponent units, what they have, so you can position your unit to counter them. Example: protect your carry from Blitzcrank's hook or Zephyr. Remember to use key shortcuts if you are playing on PC.

Take A Break

Sometimes your feeling is not good when you are losing 3 or 5 game streak. Try to take a break between each game to do something else like eat or drink something or check your friend's message so it will help you feel better for the next game.

Learn From The Best

Take some time to watch the top players of TFT gameplay on their live stream because it helps you improve or gain new strategies from them. In addition, you can also learn by watching the professional player of TFT Esports tournament


Teamfight Tactic is an auto chess game with high competition that makes some people hard to rank up. This article will help you to understand more about TFT rank tiers, how TFT rank system work, and the useful way to rank up your TFT ranks fast.