Siris The Goldenfish Build Guide & Team Composition

Siris the Goldenfish is a 4-star character, she uses shotgun & deal Kinetic damage, check out Siris the Goldenfish build guide and team comp here.

Check out the best Siris the Goldenfish best weapon, logistics, manifestation, neuronics, and team composition in Snowbreak: Containment Zone here.

Best Weapon for Siris the Goldenfish Snowbreak: Containment Zone

The best weapons for Siris the Goldenfish are: Knock Knock Shotgun (Rare), Precious Baby Shotgun (Epic), and Tiny Grains Shotgun (Legendary).

Best Weapon For Siris the Goldenfish Snowbreak: Containment Zone - zilliongamer

In early and mid-game best weapon for Siris the Goldenfish are Knock Knock and Precious Baby Shotguns, these weapons work very well with her, since it helps increases a decent amount of Kinetic DMG.

The best weapons for Siris the Goldenfish in late game are legendary Tiny Grains Shotgun because it helps increase a huge amount of her Kinetic DMG.

Best Logistics for Siris the Goldenfish Snowbreak: Containment Zone

Best Logistics for Siris the Goldenfish: (Xinye Squad) Imma, Eden, and Griffin or Koffman Squad, Jarl Haakon, Harfu, and Skaden.

Best Logistics For Siris the Goldenfish Snowbreak: Containment Zone - zilliongamer

  • Xinye Squad will help increase her attack damage, her armor, and max health, any of these logistics should have a random stat in it if you are able to get chaos or kinetic DMG stats make sure to equip it on Siris the Goldenfish.
    • 2 Officers: Increases Max U-energy of full squad by 32.
    • 3 Officers: Increases U-Energy recovery of the full squad by 28% after equipping operative uses their ultimate, recovers 20% of U-Energy consumed.
  • Koffman Squad
    • 2 Officers: Increases Shield Acquisition Efficiency by 30%.
    • 3 Officers: When shields are active, increases Ballistic DMG by 32%, decreases DMG receive by 10%.

Siris the Goldenfish Manifestation

You can get an extra bonus Siris the Goldenfish stats Passive % by upgrading manifestation, we recommend upgrading until you reach M5 End of the Night if you can.

Birth Sequence (M1) When Deceased Protection ends, the operative on the field obtains Initial Blessing for 5 seconds. Initial Blessing gained this way does not obtain Reborn Eye effect when dodging.

Clearance (M2) Any operatives shooting through Deceased Protection have a 30% chance to obtain Aptitude effect of Bone Eater.

Harmony Arrives (M3) Deceased Protection can absorb additional DMG equal to 50% of Siris' Max HP.

Timeless (M4) Initial Coffin skill level +1. Increases the Aptitude DMG of Bone Eater to 7/8/9/10/11% of Siris' ATK + 33/35/37/39/41.

End of the Night (M5) Deceased Protection no longer has a time limit, only ending when it absorbs too much DMG and breaks.

Siris the Goldenfish Neuronics

Neuronics is an enhancement of your existing Operative (character) skills.

Siris the Goldenfish Neuronics Guide Snowbreak: Containment Zone - zilliongamer

You need to focus on her first 2 nodes on the top DMG, Ammunition, Slow, and Range. You don't need to worry you can channel through all the 6 Neuronics tree notes when Siris the Goldenfish reaches level 80.

Siris the Goldenfish's Best Team Composition

Siris the Goldenfish's Team Comp Option

Siris the Goldenfish Team Compostion Option Snowbreak: Containment Zone - zilliongamer

Siris the Goldenfish work well with DPS character that have AR or Sniper rifle, since she has Shotgun, you shouldn't put her as a primary damage dealer in the team.

She is good at close range for long and mid-range take Fritia Hush, Yao Quiet Quitter, and Haru Absconditus.

Siris the Goldenfish Outfit Skins List

Here you can find and view Siris the Goldenfish's outfit skin covering from the alpha version to the newest release skin in the game.

Siris the Goldenfish

Siris the Goldenfish Default Outfit Skin Snowbreak: Containment Zone - zilliongamer

Default Siris the Goldenfish Outfit Skin.


Siris the Goldenfish is a great 4-star, she deals kinetic damage her weapon type is shotgun great with lot of DPS characters.