Naraka: Bladepoint Patch Notes October: Weapon & Hero Changes

Naraka: Bladepoint update Patch Notes October 18th, 2023. Here are the details for this update on October 18th brand new weapon, hero adjustment, weapon adjustment, bug fixes, store update, and brand-new content.

Brand New Melee Weapon

Fans Weapon in Naraka Bladepoint - zilliongamer

The brand-new melee weapon finally here, sweep away all before you, leaving naught but destruction and a faint breeze, introducing the ancient Chinese weapon the Fan. You can check out our Fans Guide here.

New BattlePass Pioneer

New BattlePass Pioneer Season 10 Naraka Bladepoint - zilliongamer

BATTLEPASS [Pioneer] is now available, which includes a variety of valuable items and skins! Players can obtain more rewards by unlocking the Advanced Hidden Treasure.

You can get a Treasure Scroll at the price of 1,200 Gold and a Glory Scroll at 2,840 Gold.

Hero Adjustments

Here are all Hero Adjustments in Patch Notes October 18th, 2023: Yoto Hime and Wuchen.

Hero Adjustment Patch Notes October 18th, 2023 Naraka Bladepoint - zilliongamer

Yoto Hime

1. Changed the Defense Focus during the startup frames of [Flying Edge: Callback] to a Blue Focus. Increased the Demonic Blade's hover time from 5 sec to 9 sec and enhanced the horizontal strike's 2nd stage pull performance.

2. Adjusted initial her Ultimate Talent [Demon Blade] Canceled the mechanism of "increasing Attack based on the number of nearby Remains".

Yoto Hime's Ultimate Attack is now increased based on the number of living enemies within a 10m radius at each flash or strike. The corresponding relationship is as follows:  

Enemy CountYoto Hime Ultimate ATK Increased
1 enemy0%
2 enemies20%
3 enemies40%
4 enemies50%
5 enemies55%

Increased Attack remains consistent throughout the Ultimate duration and lasts until the Ultimate ends.


1. Adjusted the calculation formula of reducing enemy weapon's durability for the [Spirit Blades] Skill during a Clash from a fixed value to 34% of the weapon's max durability, ensuring a consistent reduction across different weapon qualities.

2. Optimized the experience of casting the [Spirit Blades: Autotrack] Skill in the air. The recovery frame stagger can now be interrupted in advance with a Dodge or plummet strike.

3. Adjusted Wuchen Ultimate [Tai Chi Teleport: Portal]: Increased the interaction radius of the Portal from 2m to 4m and adjusted the way the Portal is cast in the air. Wuchen can now cast the Portal while airborne without waiting to land.

Weapon Adjustment

Here are all Weapon Adjustments in Patch Notes October 18th, 2023: Nunchucks, Longword, and Staff. Check out our Fans Guide stats, combos, and skin list here.

Weapon Adjustment Patch Notes October 18th, 2023 Naraka Bladepoint - zilliongamer


1. Nunchucks Blue Focus Strikes can now restore Biding Fury on hit and a slightly increased the stagger duration when a Horizontal Strike or a Sprint Horizontal Strike hit.


1. Longsword in this patch got a slightly increased the stagger duration when a Vertical Strike or a Sprint Vertical Strike hit.


1. Slightly reduced the stagger duration after a Charged Horizontal Strike hits and increased the knockback distance of Charged Vertical Strikes.

Souljade Adjustments

  • The following Souljades will no longer be available:
    • Spear Souljade: [Spear Storm]
    • Greatsword Souljade: [Infernal Slash]
    • Longsword Souljade: [Whirlwind]
    • Repeating Crossbow Souljade: [Healing Bolts] and [Barbed Bolts]
    • Bow Souljade: [Target Lock]
    • Cannon Souljade: [Bounce Shell] and [Burn]
    • Pistol Souljade: [Thundercall]
    • Musket Souljade: [Sunwing Shot]
    • Other Souljades: [Gecko Foot] and [Phantom Step]
  • Attribute Adjustments, attribute stats of the Legendary Souljades are reduced to the same level as the Epic Souljades:
    • Health +18% is reduced to +12%
    • Attack +6% is reduced to +4%
    • Melee Resist +9% is reduced to +6%
    • Ranged Resist +15% is reduced to +10%
    • Head Defense +12% is reduced to +8%
  • Previous Adjustments:
    • [Stamina Strike] Only retains its original Vertical Strike combo and effects. Unlimited usage
    • [Blue Moon] Only retains its original Vertical Strike combo and effects. Unlimited usage
    • The second-stage strike of Dagger's Skill [Dreadful Wail] can be countered

Client Optimization

D3D12 Beta Version is Open

  • 1. HDR Function:
    • HDR is a technology that improves the brightness and contrast of an image. It improves detail levels in dark places, making them seem darker, and provides a greater variety of colors, improving the visibility of the gaming screen.
    • Turning on HDR requires a monitor that supports HDR, open Windows System Settings - Screen - Use HDR.
  • 2. Intel XeSS:
    • Intel Xe Super Sampling (XeSS) technology is a new image amplification technology based on AI deep learning which supports high performance and high fidelity visuals.
    • It uses deep learning to synthesize images that are very close to the quality of native high-resolution rendering, which can dramatically improve game performance and ensure excellent image quality.
  • 3. DLSS 3:
    • DLSS is a revolutionary breakthrough in AI-powered graphics that multiplies performance. DLSS 3 is powered by the new fourth-generation Tensor Core and optical flow accelerators on GeForce RTX 40-series Gpus, which can use AI to generate more frames and improve image quality.

Bug Fixes

  • Battle-related Bug:
    • 1. Fixed the issue where skills that can be used under attack failed when the Hero was attacked too frequently.
    • 2. Fixed the issue where enemies are not damaged when grabbed by Tianhai's double hands.

Store Updates

New Outfit Discounts

  • 1. Newly added Takeda Nobutada Legendary Outfit [Autumn Hunt], now: 1,500 Gold.
  • 2. Newly added Fan Legendary Skin [Iron Feathers], now: 1,250 Gold.
  • 3. Viper Ning Legendary Outfit [Automata·2B], now: 1,500 Gold.
  • 4. Wuchen Legendary Outfit [Automata·9S], now: 1,500 Gold.
  • 5. Justina Gu Legendary Outfit [Automata·A2], now: 1,500 Gold.
  • 6. Tessa Legendary Outfit [Replicant·Kainé], now: 1,500 Gold.

Cosmetics Returns in Limited Time

  • 1. Valda Cui Legendary Hairstyle [Great Oceans] with a standard price of 1,200 Gold.
  • 2. Viper Ning Legendary Hairstyle [Misty] with a standard price of 1,200 Gold.
  • 3. Wuchen Legendary Hairstyle [Nine Ridges] with a standard price of 1,200 Gold.
  • 4. Kurumi Legendary Hairstyle [Moonlight Aroma] with a standard price of 1,200 Gold.
  • 5. Takeda Nobutada Legendary Hairstyle [Yama Style] with a standard price of 1,200 Gold.
  • 6. Matari Legendary Hairstyle [Dawn Hawk] with a standard price of 1,200 Gold.


Season 10 is here now Naraka Bladepoint fix a lot of bugs and optimization their game and a lot more new content and a brand-new melee weapon you can find Fans Weapon Guide on our site.