Naraka: Bladepoint Fans Stats, Combos, and Best SoulJade

Fans is a new melee weapon in Naraka Bladepoint just release today, it a great melee weapon and easy to master. Check more detail about Fans stats, best combo, best souljades, and Fans skins list here.  

Fans Overview

Fans Guide in Naraka Bladepoint - zilliongamer

Fans is a new melee weapon has just been added to the game today check our beginner's guide for Fans weapon in Naraka Bladepoint, this weapon right might be your favorite weapon.

Fans Stats

Fans can deal very high damage and it also easy to master, it is a friendly beginner weapon to learn in-game, check out Fans stats down below: 

Legendary FansDamage Dealt
Horizon Attack (one two three attack)1012
Vertical Attack (one two three attack)1067
Horizon Throw (Horizontal Charg )886
Vertical Throw (Vertical Charge)800
Fan's Curve (Dash. Horizon)268

Fans Best Combos

Here are the best Dual Halberds Combos represent actions H for Horizontal attack, V for Vertical attack, C for Crouch, J for Jump.

Easy Combos

1. H > H > H. use Horizon attack 3 times.

2. V > V > V. use Vertical attack 3 times.

3. Hold H > LMB (Horizon attack), or Hold V > LMB (Vertical attack).

4. H > Dash (shift) > V > Dash > H. So, you use horizon attack then dash and click vertical finish it with horizon attack to active Fan's Curve.

Medium Combos

1. V + Dash + V + Hold C + V + H.H + J + H.H + V. First you need to run then V attack dash V attack then hold crouch then V to knock enemy airborne follow by 2 H attack when your character almost lane on the ground you need to press Jump and then 2 more H attack finish it with V attack.

2. H + C + H + C + H + Dash + V + C + V + Dash + HOLD V. Attack your enemy by using H then press C to cancel the attack animation and attack do that 2 times then V attack then crouch V to knock enemy airborne when your character almost lane on the ground dash close to your enemy and lane your V charge attack.

3. Successful Counter + H + Dash + V + Dash + H. After Successful Counter press H attack then dash close to enemy then V attack then dash again and finish it with H attack these combos great when you have Shot Hand Weapon Sap.

Hard Combos

1. V + Dash + V + Hold C + V to knock up + Q blow the enemy and Hold D or A to cancel roll animation + Dash + V + Dash + H to active Fan's Curve Fans skill.

Best SoulJades for Fans Weapon

There are 6 SoulJades for Fans such as Legendary Wild Windspout, Epic Dual Circle, Netherstep, Windy Trinity Soulshatter, and Short-handle Weapon Sap.

Best Souljade For Fans Weapon in Naraka Bladepoint - zilliongamer

The best souljade weapon for Fans Weapon are Legendary Wild Windspout, Epic Windy Trinity, and Short-handle Weapon Sap.

Fans Skins List

Here you can find and view all Fans skins in Naraka Bladepoint covering from alpha version to the newest release skin in the game and how to get it.

Iron Feathers Fans

Iron Feathers Fans Skin in Naraka Bladepoint - zilliongamer

Unlock in Fans Collection for 1250 Gold.

Rarity: Legendary.

Unfettered Fans

Unfettered Fans Skin in Naraka Bladepoint - zilliongamer

Unlock in Pionner Battle Pass when reaches Level 30.

Rarity: Legendary.

Gale Skies Retreat Fans

Gale Skies Retreat Fans Skin in Naraka Bladepoint - zilliongamer

Unlock in Strife of Sun and Moon Event.

Rarity: Epic.

Winter Bloom Plum Fans

Winter Bloom Plum Fans Skin in Naraka Bladepoint - zilliongamer

Unlock at Proficiency Level 10.

Rarity: Epic.

Winter Bloom Fans

Winter Bloom Fans Skin in Naraka Bladepoint - zilliongamer

Default Fans Skin in Naraka Bladepoint.


Fans is a new melee weapon, and it is very good for beginner player, it is still a new melee weapon that just release today we will update more combos & skin for this melee Fans weapon.