Wild Rift Gameplay Reveal In Summer Game Fest

At Friday, 11AM ET / 8AM PT Wild Rift gameplay reveal and interview will be live in Summer Game Fest youtube channel make sure to tune in tonight.

According to Summer Game Fest twitter, they tweeted yesturday about Wild Rift:

To find out what time they will live in your country just convert 11AM ET or 8AM PT to your timezone or you can just watch it down below.

Watch Wild Rift Gameplay Reveal Live

You can also watch Wild Rift gameplay reveal live here as well.

What to expect out of this live?

You will see the gameplay of League of Legends Wild Rift and the interview with Feral Pony the Design lead of League of Legends Wild Rift (Riot Games).

You will see laning guide, champions mechanic, items, runes, summoner spells, and more involving in the new version of Wild Rift.

The build we see might be the version that coming out for Philippines and Brazil to test.


In short, This will help us understand more about League of Legends Wild Rift mechanic and in depth information about the game. Make sure to tune in the interview in Summer Game Fest in Friday.