Wild Rift Alpha Test - What You Should Know

Find every information about Wild Rift alpha test here featuring release date, os, minispec, and in-game information.

What is Wild Rift Release Date 

League of Legends Wild Rift release date is still not announced, but the alpha test of wild rift will release in June 2020 and limited for PHILIPPINES and BRAZIL only.

League of Legends Wild Rift Alpha Test - zilliongamer

Although, the alpha testing will be limited, and the selection will be fair and equal to everybody who follow all the steps down below.

Wild Rift Alpha Testing

Alpha Testing is early of the earliest version of product that public user start playing to find bugs. In this case the public user will be for Filipino and Brazilian that get a chance to publicly test Wild Rift before other countries.

Operation System To Test Wild Rift Alpha

Android, Yes for now, only android owner will be able to play Wild Rift Alpha test version.

How To Get Selected As Alpha Tester

First, You will need to live in either PHILIPPINES or BRAZIL then pre-registered for the game in google playstore and hit the Alpha MINISPEC. 

League of Legends Wild Rift Alpha MINISPEC

Support device to run Wild RIft Alpha MINISPEC:

  • 1.5GB Ram
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 processor
  • Adren 306 GPU
  • 64 bit

Yes, Make sure your phone hit the require specifications or above, so you can get a chance to be selected as Wild Rift Alpa tester.

Wild Rift Useful In-Game Information

Leveling Up

Wild Rift Alpha Test In Game: Leveling Up - zilliongamer

Unlike LoL PC, in Wild Rift your champion ultimate ability will unlocks at level 5, 9, and 13. Champion max level is 15.

Buying Items

You can only buy items at base or fountain. For League PC players this will be nothing new for you, but for long time mobile moba players, this will means that you need to teleport back to the base to buy your items.

Wild Rift Alpha Test In Game: Buying Items - zilliongamer

This will be a new experience which require you to plan ahead, know when to port back to base, farm extra gold and such.

Mirrored Map

The map in Wild Rift will be mirrored, in the picture down below you will see both prospective from Red and Blue side.

Wild Rift Alpha Test In Game: Mirrored Map - zilliongamer

To be cleared and simple, both blue and red side will need to look at the lane emblem in this case marksman will look at the dragon emblem on the lane.


In conclusion, these are the newest information updated about Wild RIft alpha test. Good luck to those will be selected as Wild Rift alpha tester. Source: League of Legends Wild Rift Philippines