Wild Rift Dragon Lane Tier List (2024)

Ready to dominate the Dragon Lane? This Marksman tier list will help you pick the perfect marksman to carry your Wild Rift matches. Whether you prefer early-game aggression or late-game scaling, there's a champion here for you!

S+Lucian, Tristana, Caitlyn
SXayah, Kai'Sa, Vayne, Draven
AJinx, Ezreal, Zeri, Nilah, Varus, Nilah
BSivir, Twitch, Jhin, Miss Fortune, Ashe
CSamira, Corki, Senna

Tier Factors to Consider:

  • S+: Dominate most matchups, carry potential from various points in the game.
  • S: Powerful laning/scaling, can snowball hard under the right conditions.
  • A: Solid, reliable picks with versatile strengths, potential to outplay higher-tier marksman.
  • B: Situationally strong, reliant on team comp synergy or have exploitable weaknesses.
  • C: Niche roles (some have scaling), harder to execute, heavily matchup dependent.vm

Tier S+ Marksman Characters

S+ marksman are overpower. They hit hard, move fast, and seem impossible to kill. In their hands, team fights become target practice, and your only hope is that they're on your side.

Tier S+ Marksman in Wild Rift 2024


Lucian is an S+ tier marksman in Wild Rift due to his powerful early game, and ability to carry late-game. His passive, Lightslinger, grants him two quick shots after each ability use, maximizing his damage output.

Piercing Light fires a damaging beam, perfect for poking and clearing waves. Ardent Blaze marks enemies, empowering Lucian's attacks and granting him speed to chase them down.

Relentless Pursuit allows Lucian to dash, dodging skill shots or closing in for the kill. Finally, his ultimate, The Culling, unleashes a barrage of shots, shredding through single targets or entire teams in late-game fights.


Tristana is an S+ tier Wild Rift marksman because she has a stronger early game and scales incredibly well into the late game. Her Rocket Jump lets her stay safe and farm early on.

Then, her passive, Draw a Bead, gives her huge attack range as the game goes on. Rapid Fire helps her melt tanks and objectives, and Buster Shot lets her finish off enemies or disrupt teamfights.

On top of all this, Rocket Jump resets when she gets kills or assists, making her a late-game monster that can destroy the enemy team.


Caitlyn is an S+ tier marksman in Wild Rift because of her long-range dominance and devastating burst potential. With her passive, Headshot, she gets empowered basic attacks at regular intervals, allowing her to chunk down enemies from incredible distances.

Using Piltover Peacemaker, she harasses foes and pushes lanes quickly. Caitlyn cleverly sets Yordle Snap Traps to control the battlefield, forcing enemies into choke points or catching them for follow-up attacks.

While not the most mobile, her 90 Caliber Net lets her create distance or snag fleeing enemies. If her target still survives, Caitlyn's ultimate, Ace in the Hole, ensures a final, deadly shot from range.

Tier S Marksman Characters

S-tier marksman can outfight you early and finish you later. Some are slippery and hard to catch, others blast you from a safe distance.

Tier S Marksman in Wild Rift 2024


Xayah is an S tier marksman in Wild Rift. She's great at poking enemies from afar with her Double Daggers and controlling fights with the feathers she leaves behind.

This, combined with Bladecaller, deals serious damage and can root enemies. Xayah gets even stronger as the game goes on, with her passive Clean Cuts making her attacks hit harder.

Her ultimate, Featherstorm, makes her untouchable for a moment while damaging enemies perfect for team fights and escapes.


Kai'Sa is an S-tier marksman in Wild Rift. She deals heavy damage, moves quickly, and gets even stronger late-game. Her passive, Second Skin, adds magic damage to her attacks, and she can evolve her abilities for extra power.

Kai'Sa can poke from afar with Icathian Rain, harass with Living Weapon, and use Supercharger to move in for attacks or escape quickly.

Her ultimate, Killer Instinct, lets her dash across the map to finish off enemies. This makes her a dangerous carry who can win in the later stages of the game if you play her well.


Vayne is an S tier marksman in Wild Rift because she's designed to dominate late-game. Her passive, Night Hunter, makes her faster when chasing enemies, letting her stick to targets.

Tumble helps her dodge attacks and deal extra damage. Silver Bolts makes every third attack on the same target deal true damage, shredding even the tankiest enemies.

Condemn knocks enemies back and can stun them, setting up kills or saving herself. Her ultimate, Final Hour, gives her tons of attack power, speed, and short periods of invisibility, making her an unstoppable force in late-game fights.


Draven is in S tier spot, he is all about raw aggression and snowballing potential. His passive, League of Draven, rewards him for catching his Spinning Axes, transforming him into a damage monster early on.

Blood Rush fuels his relentless chase, giving him speed and attack power to secure kills. He skillfully manages his Spinning Axes to harass foes in lane and unleash brutal amounts of damage in fights.

Stand Aside cripples enemies and sets up those devastating axe catches. And if any opponent even thinks about escaping, Draven's ultimate, Whirling Death, delivers a global execution that cuts through defenses and secures early leads.

Tier A Marksman Characters

Tier A characters are solid picks but they often need two core items or good team fight to become scary in late-game.

Tier A Marksman in Wild Rift 2024


Jinx is lands in the A-tier despite the popularity,Her passive Get Excited!, makes her super strong in chaotic fights. However, she has no escapes, which makes her easy to catch during the early game.

While her Zap! and Flame Chompers! help with crowd control, they're not perfect. Her ultimate, Super Mega Death Rocket!, is great for late-game damage, but it can be dodged.

This mix of strengths and weaknesses keeps her out of the top tier.


Ezreal is an A-tier marksman in Wild Rift, he's good at poking from further range, has long-range attacks, and gets stronger as the game goes on.

His passive ability makes him attack faster every time he lands a skill. This helps him poke enemies from far away with Mystic Shot and apply Essence Flux during the early game.

Arcane Shift lets him dash around, dodging attacks or getting into position. Late in the game, Ezreal does lots of damage, and his ultimate can help his team from across the map.


Zeri is an A-tier marksman in Wild Rift that heavily relied on skillshot and poking enemies. Her basic attack is a skillshot, making her fast and powerful. Her passive, Living Battery, grants speed from shields and boosts her attacks.

Zeri's three abilities Burst Fire, Ultrashock Laser, and Spark Surge are great for poking enemies in lane. She gets even stronger late-game, and her ultimate, Lightning Crash, turns her into a supercharged, speedy damage machine!


Varus is an A Tier marksman in Wild Rift because he can't move quickly and his abilities are easy to dodge. His passive helps him attack faster, but doesn't make him stronger in lane.

His Piercing Arrow is good for poking, but enemies can avoid it. Blighted Quiver offers some control and damage over time, but Varus is an easy target without an escape.

Hail of Arrows can briefly stop enemies, but skilled players will get around it. His ultimate, Chain of Corruption, is useful for starting fights, but needs good aim or teammate support.

He gets a bit stronger late-game, but struggles against fast assassins or heavy damage. Varus works best with a team that can protect him and help him lock enemies down.


Nilah is A tier in Wild Rift because she's incredibly strong in close-range fights. Her passive boosts healing and shields for herself and nearby teammates, especially powerful with supports.

She has multiple dashes (Formless Blade, and Slipstream) and can even become temporarily invulnerable (Jubilant Veil), making her very hard to catch. Her ultimate (Apotheosis) pulls enemies close and makes her super tough to kill while she deals tons of damage.

This mix of damage, survivability, and team support makes her one of the best marksman in the game.

Tier B Marksman Characters

Tier B marksmen are for skilled players. They're harder to use, but if you play them well, they can still win games. They are not the strongest picks and heavily relied on their support.

Tier B Marksman in Wild Rift 2024


Sivir is a solid B-tier marksman in Wild Rift. Her passive, Fleet of Foot, lets her move quickly after attacking champions, which helps her stay safe.

She clears minion waves fast with Boomerang Blade and Ricochet and can block an important enemy spell with Spell Shield, making her hard to kill. Sivir gets stronger as the game goes on, but doesn't deal as much damage as other marksman.

Her ultimate, On the Hunt, is great because it makes her whole team move faster, helping them fight better as a group.


Twitch sits comfortably as a B-tier marksman in Wild Rift. His strengths lie in his stealthy approach and insane late game scaling.

His passive, Deadly Venom, deals persistent poison damage, making him dangerous in drawn-out fights. However, his short range and reliance on Ambush for surprise attacks or escapes can make laning tricky.

When the late-game hits, Twitch becomes a force to be reckoned with his ultimate, Spray and Pray, turns him into a long-range killing machine capable of mowing down teams.

Contaminate adds potent burst damage, especially when enemies have built up Deadly Venom stacks. Despite this, his squishiness and lack of crowd control prevent him from reaching the absolute top tier of marksman.


Jhin is a decent marksman in Wild Rift, earning a B-tier spot. He's unique because his passive, Whisper, makes his gun hit hard but limits how often he attacks.

This makes laning tricky. His abilities (Dancing Grenade, Deadly Flourish, Captive Audience, and Curtain Call) help him trap enemies and deal massive damage. Jhin gets really strong late-game, but he's not as fast or mobile as some other popular marksmen.

Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune sits comfortably in the B-tier of Wild Rift marksmen due to her strong early-game laning and impactful team fight presence. Her passive, Love Tap, encourages constant target switching to maximize damage output, making her potent in skirmishes.

In lane, she excels at harassing opponents with Double Up and pressuring with Strut. While Miss Fortune boasts early dominance, her scaling into the late game becomes less stellar.

Despite this, a well-timed Bullet Time ultimate can single-handedly change the course of a team fight, especially when aimed correctly. However, her lack of reliable escapes and susceptibility to crowd control can become liabilities in later phase.


Ashe is considered a B-tier marksman in Wild Rift due to her unique utility and global presence. Her passive, Frost Shot, allows her to slow enemies with basic attacks, and her critical strikes apply an enhanced slow instead of bonus damage.

While she lacks the raw damage output of higher-tier marksmen, her kit excels in early lane control with Hawkshot for vision and Volley to apply consistent slows. Her ultimate, Enchanted Crystal Arrow, is a long-range stun that can initiate fights or catch enemies from across the map.

However, Ashe scales moderately into the late game, often being out-damaged by hyper-carry marksmen in extended team fights.

Tier C Marksman Characters

Tier C marksman are  okay, they are not the best or strong enough. They can still win the game but it will require a very good team. Not really good for a solo players to use these characters.

Tier C Marksman in Wild Rift 2024


Samira is a C-tier marksman in Wild Rift because she's risky to play and doesn't always fit well in teams. Her passive, Daredevil Impulse, makes her stronger the more she mixes up attacks and abilities, but this forces her to get dangerously close to enemies.

Early on, she struggles in lane. While her abilities Flair, Blade Whirl, Wild Rush, and Inferno Trigger can do a lot of damage, they have long cooldowns. She does get better late-game, but really needs teammates to protect her so she can use her ultimate effectively.


Corki sits around C-tier in Wild Rift as a marksman. He has a mix of magic and physical damage, which is handy, but he struggles in the early lane against champions with longer range.

His passive, Hextech Munitions, sometimes gives him extra damage, but he starts to shine more in the mid-game. His abilities Phosphorus Bomb, Valkyrie, Gatling Gun, and Missile Barrage help him poke enemies, move around the map quickly, and deal good damage.

Late-game, with the upgraded Valkyrie, he can be a serious threat to the enemy backline.


Senna falls into the C tier of Wild Rift marksmen because she isn't a traditional damage dealer. Her passive, Absolution, makes her stronger the longer the game goes, but her early lane phase is weak with low damage and difficulty clearing minion waves.

Her abilities (Piercing Darkness, Last Embrace, Curse of the Black Mist, and Dawning Shadow) are more focused on healing, slowing enemies, and protecting her team rather than dealing high damage.

While she can become potent late-game, Senna often struggles to keep up with other marksmen who have stronger early and mid-game power.


Picking the "best" marksman in Wild Rift depends heavily on your personal playstyle. Do you like aggressive early game champions? Or prefer those who scale powerfully into the late game? Your comfort level and skill make a huge difference, beyond just which champion is technically strongest.

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