What You Need To Know Before LoL Wild Rift Release

Before League of Legends Wild Rift Release, Here's everything that you need to know about the game and how different it is from LoL PC version.

Currency Use To Buy Champion

LoL Wild RIft Currency To Buy Champion - zilliongamer

In LoL PC version there are two currency to buy champion those are blue essence and riot points.

Blue essence is a free currency that you can get by leveling up your account, complete quest, and more.

Riot points is a currency that you need to deposit your money to get the RP into your account. RP can use to buy not only champion but skins, chests, and more.

There is a slight chance of having blue essence and riot points inside LoL Wild Rift since the game is develop by the same company and it is an iconic currency that player have been using since the beginning of League of Legends.

Wild Rift Use Twin Stick Control Schemes

LoL Wild Rift Twin Stick Control Scheme - zilliongamer

The twin stick control schemes is very popular among the moba mobile games and can be seen in Mobile legends, Arena of Valor, Vaingory, Extraordinary Ones and more.

The control schemes is so popular and we will be seeing the same in LoL Wild Rift. Controlling the character with twin stick might be struggle for those who come from PC version but the mobile player will get use to it really quick and it proves how smart Riot are with there game.

The Map is Mirrored in Wild Rift

LoL Wild Rift Map is Mirriored - zilliongamer

In the PC version of LoL, If you are playing on red side you will be walking down but in LoL mobile you won't. You will be walking up to the same to blue side. The map is mirrored just like other moba mobile game.

It it hard to explain but once Wild Rift release we will know that experience.

Lane Name Change

There won't be Top or Bot but there will be Dragon or Baron lane in LoL Wild Rift instead. This is to help solve the confusion of the mirrored map.

What to know about the lane is that:

Baron lane is for tank or figher champion.

Dragon lane is for marksman and support champion.

Mid and Jungle remain the same to the PC version.

There will be 41 Champion On The Release Day

LoL Wild Rift All 41Champion - zilliongamer

Yes! It is comfirmed during the dev interview, However we've only spot 32 champions in the trailer so there might be some new champions in Wild Rift that they hide somewhere far from us or plan to suprise us on the release day. *Finger cross*

There are also some ability change on some champion like Ashe ultimate in LoL Wild Rift you can control it, vayne condemn and more.

Runes - You Can Only Forge 4 Runes In LoL Wild Rift

LoL Wild Rift Rune Reforge - zilliongamer

Runes is a huge factor in League of Legends since the start. It is an external buff to the champion base on your customization.

However, In LoL Wild Rift you can only pickk 4 runes out of all, 1 main rune and 3 sub rune. Will this affect the champion performance? No! Because champion will also tweak to fit with the mobile version of LoL in a balance way.

How Long To Wait Till Wild Rift Release Date Announce?

This is the question that I ask myself everyday. How long? Well the real answer is that League of Legends Wild Rift release date is still not announce yet and there are no news on the time or date of when it release.

If you see release date elsewhere beside LoL Wild Rift Twitter page, it's a fake news or a scam that try to let you download the game by taking your gmail account or app store account so watch out! Don't fall for that.

LoL Wild Rift Is not here to take part, It is here to take over

LoL Wild Rift is here to take over - zilliongamer

As we already know that League of Legends is the most played game in the world with a huge fanbase behind their back. This mobile version the League of Legends Wild Rift is here to take the crown from other mobile game and especially the game will be available in Southeast Asia, Korea, Europe, North America, China and more.

And what make LoL Wild Rift the best is that it is an alternative way to play League even you are not on your computer.


In short, when the day come, the day that we wake up to, that day will be the best day for us ~ League of Legends players out there will also be the day that our LoL Wild Rift guides public :)

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