How to Pre Register for a chance of LoL Wild Rift Beta

League of Legends Wild Rift is a fast paced MOBA game which is coming soon to mobile. The game set their release date to be later on 2020. However if you wanna get a chance to play the Beta of LoL Wild Rift you will need to pre-register it first.

If you pre-register the game, you will recieve the beta version once it release on your region and you will get the opportunity to test it faster than those who don't pre-register the game

League of Legends Wild Rift VS Mobile Legends - zilliongamer

We know that League of Legends Wild Rift will be Mobile Legends Opponent once they released and even better they didn't just release on iOS and Android, they also coming for console which is a big market that Mobile Legends missed out.

How To Pre Register LoL Wild Rift on Android?

Those who have android mobile phone will get a chance to pre-register League of Legends Wild Rift vai Google Play Store. Don't miss out. 

League of Legends Wild Rift on Android - zilliongamer

If you don't see the game on your play store account it mean either the game won't release at your region or you need to create new google play store account.

How To Pre Register LoL Wild Rift on iOS?

Unfortunately, you can't pre-register Wild Rift on iOS yet. Make sure to follow us for more update.

What Console That Can Play Wild Rift?

League of Legends Wild Rift Console - zilliongamer

Regarding Console they've mentioned on their website that: "For Console.. we'll have more info on that a bit later in 2020.". But we firmly believe that they will target the big console company such as Nintendo Switch, Sony Play Station and more.


This article made to help you catch up on the latest news related to League of Legends Wild Rift. We're all wait for the beta release version and expect a full guide from us very soon.

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