Next Champion in Wild Rift 4.3 Update

Currently Wild Rift is still in patch 4.2b but we got some news about the next update 4.3 that will releases on 19th, July 2023. Find out all information about next champion wild rift patch 4.3 here.

Wild Rift new patch 4.3 got leaked in this update we will get 3 new champion in 3 different position mid lane, marksman, jungle lane. Here are the next 3 champions that coming to wild rift 4.3 update.

The next champion in Wild Rift 4.3 is:

  • Nilah
  • Vladimir
  • Hecarim


Nilah Next Champion in Wild Rift 4.3 Update - zilliongamer

Nilah is a new melee marksman champion in wild rift 4.3 update, she using water to whip for attack her passive makes her ally heals and shields more powerful on her and increases her value by a small amount.

She is a very good marksman when match up with heals or shields champions, when she damage against champions will ignore some of their armor which is very good when fighting and can deal lot of damage.


Vladimir Next Champion in Wild Rift 4.3 Update - zilliongamer

Vladimir finally will arrive in Wild Rift 4.3 update a champion that a lot of player been waiting for. Vladimir is a mage champion that you normally play in Mid Lane.

He a late game beast great in teamfight and has great sustain heal a lot, he a bit worse in the early game because he has a long cooldown, his first skill which can deal magic damage to enemy and also can restore his heal.

Vladimir is a great mage champion if you want to play for late game, he can become untargetable with his second skill also deal damage to enemy and heal himself.

Overall he his a great mage champion to play with high magic damage good movement speed and very useful in teamfight.


Hecarim Next Champion in Wild Rift 4.3 Update - zilliongamer

Hecarim also came in wild rift patch 4.3, Hecarim is a new jungle champion in wild rift 4.3 update he has high burst damage and high movement speed.

He has a powerful ganks, easy to play, and he's a beast when it come to teamfight he can go in and out quickly and also can one shot enemy carry that why he's a beast in teamfight.

He is vulnerable when he doesn't have his ultimate with hard CC can ruin his game, overall he is a great jungle champion that you should pick with his high burst damage movement speed and easy to master.  

End of Next Champion Wild Rift Patch 4.3.