ARURF Wild Rift: Release, Details, & More

In this Patch 4.3c Wild Rift released a new game mode Arurf, what is Arurf in Wild Rift ?. Find out Arurf Wild Rift game mode release date, detail, best champions for Arurf game mode, and more here.

What is Arurf in Wild Rift ?

Arurf (All Random Ultra Rapid Fire) is a game mode in Wild Rift that will return on September 22nd, 2023 patch 4.3c, Arurf in Wild Rift is a game mode.

You can play this new game mode by click on Arurf is on next to the play button ( Home Page ).

How Arurf Wild Rift mode different from standard normal PVP games ?

Arurf game mode in Wild Rift is the same to normal game mode, but instead of picking the your champion it will be randomly picked for you and your teammate the same to enemy team.

Arurf Cannonball Game Mode Wild Rift - zilliongamer

In Arurf you will grow stronger faster and there's also a cannonball in your base you can use this cannonball to jump anywhere you want in the map but only cover 40 to 50 % areas.

Arurf Game Mode Wild Rift - zilliongamer

Arurf game mode will pick a random champion for you, you will get 2 dices that can used to rerolls champion that you don't want up to 2 times in a match.

For all champions that play in Arurf will get atons of effects and buff in game like Abilities cost zero energy or mana, increased ability cooldown, summoner spell cooldown, and faster and stronger champions.

Abilities Cost Zero Energy or Mana Buff:

In Arurf game mode you every champions can use there abilities rapidly without losing a single energy/mana.

You can cast your abilities without losing energy and mana which is very good when you choose the right champion and easily dominate the game.

Reduce Abilities Cooldown ( Ability Haste ):

In Arurf mode you will gain buff that reduce a high a mount of abilities cooldown overtime you can spam your abilities rapidly and buff your stats like attack speed, critical damage, mobility, healing effect, and tenacity.

Best Champions for Arurf Game Mode

If you have a champions that rely on auto attack for damage you should reroll you should pick high damage and slippery champions like Ezreal.

He can jumping around deal damage with his abilities and you not able to catch him or take a hard CC champions like Leona, Amumu, Alistar, Swain, and more.

Overall ARURF and URF is the same game mode but in ARURF players will get a random champions you can reroll 2 two in a match.

With the right champion that we suggest you above you will have a high chance on wining this game mode.