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What is Runes in Wild Rift?

Wild Rift Runes List | League of Legends Wild Rift - zilliongamer

In League of Legends Wild Rift, Runes is use to strengthen or intensify champion abilities and stats. Players can customized runes for their champion to improve in-game performance.

Runes is only availble to customized before the game start, once the game begin, it can't be changed or tweak.

Runes Types

A complete rune page is consist of 4 runes types such as:

  • Keystone (Main Rune)
  • Domination (Damage)
  • Resolve (Health, Armor..)
  • Inspiration (Objective, Mana, Gold..) 

Keystone is a main runes that has 8 runes and you can pick 1 out of 8 depend on which champion you play.

Domination, Resolve, and Inspiration is a secondary runes that each has 5 runes inside for you to pick 1 out of each.

Wild Rift Rune System - Keystones and Minor runes - zilliongamer

To sum up, A complete rune page is consist of 1 keystone, 1 domination, 1 resolve, and 1 inspiration runes. 

Runes List

Here is a list of all runes in Wild Rift:


Wild Rift Rune: Electrocute - zilliongamerElectrocute
Wild Rift Rune: Aery - zilliongamerAery
Wild Rift Rune: Conqueror - zilliongamerConqueror
Wild Rift Rune: Fleet Footwork - zilliongamerFleet Footwork
Wild Rift Rune: Grasp of The Undying - zilliongamerGraps of The Undying
Wild Rift Rune: Aftershock - zilliongamerAftershock
Wild Rift Rune: Font of Life - zilliongamerFont of Life
Wild Rift Rune: Kleptomancy - zilliongamerKleptomancy


Wild Rift Rune: Electrocute - zilliongamer

Hitting a champion with 3 seperate attacks or abilities in 3s deals bonus adaptive damage.

Damage: 30 - 184 + 40% bonus ad + 25% ap.

Cooldown: 25s


Wild Rift Rune: Aery - zilliongamer

Your attacks and abilities send Aery to a target, damaging enemies or shielding allies.

Damage: 10 - 60 + 20% bonus ad + 10% ap.

Shield: 20 - 120 + 40% bonus ad + 20% ap.

Aery cannot be sent out again until she returns to you.


Wild Rift Rune: Conqueror - zilliongamer

Gain stacks of Adaptive Force when hitting a champion with separate attacks or abilties.

Stack up to 5 times. When fully stacked, deal bonus adaptive damage to champions.

Per stack:2 - 6 bonus AD or 4 - 12 AP for 8s.

Fully stacked bonus: 10% bonus adaptive damage to champions.

Fleet Footwork

Wild Rift Rune: Fleet Footwork - zilliongamer

Moving attacking and casting builds Energy stacks. At 100 stacks, your next attack heals you and grants increased movement speed.

Heal: 15 - 85 + 30% bonus ad + 30% ap.

Movement Speed bonus: 20% for 1s.

Grasp of the Undying

Wild Rift Rune: Grasp of The Undying - zilliongamer

Every 4s in  combat, your next attack on a champion will be enhanced based on your max health.

Heal:2% of your max health

Permanently increase your health by 5.

Bonus damage: 4% of your max health, magic damage on Ranged champions, the effect are reduced by 60%.


Wild Rift Rune: Aftershock - zilliongamer

After immobilizing an enemy champion, gain defenses and later deal a burst of magic damage around you.

Defenses:50 AR + 50% bonus armor and 50 MR + 50bonus MR for 2.5s.

Damage: 12 - 110 + 4% max health, magic damage.

Cooldown: 35s

Font of Life

Wild Rift Rune: Font of Life - zilliongamer

Imparing the movement of an enemy champion marks them. Allies who attack marked champions heal based on your health.

Heal: equal to 3% of your max health in 2s.

Mark duration: 4s


Wild Rift Rune: Kleptomancy - zilliongamer

After using an ability, your next ability hit or attack on an enemy champion will grant you a random item effect.

Cooldown: 25s


Wild Rift Rune: Brutal - zilliongamerBrutal
Wild Rift Rune: Gathering Storm - zilliongamerGathering Storm
Wild Rift Rune: Hunter Vampirism - zilliongamerHunter - Vampirism
Wild Rift Rune: Triumph - zilliongamerTriumph
Wild Rift Rune: Weakness - zilliongamerWeakness
Wild Rift Rune: Champion - zilliongamerChampion


Wild Rift Rune: Brutal - zilliongamer

Gain 7 AD and 2% armor penetration , or 14 AP and 2% magic penetration (Adaptive)

Gathering Storm

Wild Rift Rune: Gathering Storm - zilliongamer

Every 2 min, gain 2 AD or 4 AP. (Adaptive)

Hunter - Vampirism

Wild Rift Rune: Hunter Vampirism - zilliongamer

Gain 2% physical vamp or 2% magic vamp. Unique champion takedowns grant 2AD with 1% physical vamp or 4 AP with 1% magic vamp. (Adaptive).


Wild Rift Rune: Triumph - zilliongamer

Champions takedowns restore 10% missing health. Deal 3% more damage to enemies below 35% health.


Wild Rift Rune: Weakness - zilliongamer

Imparing the movement of enemy champions makes them take more damage.


Wild Rift Rune: Champion - zilliongamer

Gain 10% damage against champions. Lose 5% each time you die until the bonus disappears.


Wild Rift Rune: Backbone - zilliongamerBackbone
Wild Rift Rune: Conditioning - zilliongamerConditioning
Wild Rift Rune: Hunter Titan - zilliongamerHunter - Titan
Wild Rift Rune: Regeneration - zilliongamerRegeneration
Wild Rift Rune: Loyalty - zilliongamerLoyalty
Wild Rift Rune: Spirit Walker - zilliongamerSpirit Walker


Wild Rift Rune: Backbone - zilliongamer

Gain 10 AR or 10MR, based on which ever stat you have less of.


Wild Rift Rune: Conditioning - zilliongamer

Gain 8 bonus AR and MR after 5 minutes of game time.

Hunter - Titan

Wild Rift Rune: Hunter Titan - zilliongamer

Gain 20 max health. Unique champion takedowns grant 20 max health and 4% tenacity.

Spirit Walker

Wild Rift Rune: Spirit Walker - zilliongamer

Gain 50 max health and 20% slow resistance.


Wild Rift Rune: Loyalty - zilliongamer

You gain 2 AR and 5 MR. Your closest ally champion gains 5 AR and 2 MR.


Wild Rift Rune: Regeneration - zilliongamer

Every 3 seconds, regen 2% missingheath or mana based on whichever percentage is lower.


Wild Rift Rune: Pathfinder - zilliongamerPathfinder
Wild Rift Rune: Mastermind - zilliongamerMastermind
Wild Rift Rune: Hunter - Genius - zilliongamerHunter - Genius
Wild Rift Rune: Sweet Tooth - zilliongamerSweet Tooth
Wild Rift Rune: Pack Hunter - zilliongamerPack Hunter
Wild Rift Rune: Manaflow Band - zilliongamerManaflow Band


Wild Rift Rune: Pathfinder - zilliongamer

Gain 8% movement speed in brush, jungle, and river when out of combat.


Wild Rift Rune: Mastermind - zilliongamer

Deal 10% bonus true damage to Epic Monsters and Turrets. Earn an extra 100 gold and 500XP upon taking or assisting in taking these objectives.

Hunter - Genius

Wild Rift Rune: Hunter - Genius - zilliongamer

Gain 2.5% cooldown reduction. Unique champion takedowns grant 1.5% cooldown reduction.

Sweet Tooth

Wild Rift Rune: Sweet Tooth - zilliongamer

Increases Honyfruit healing by 25%, Each fruit also provides 20 gold.

Pack Hunter

Wild Rift Rune: Pack Hunter - zilliongamer

While neary ally champions, grain 2% movement speed. For each unique ally you participate in a takedown with, you gain 50 gold and the ally gains 50 gold.

Manaflow Band

Wild Rift Rune: Manaflow Band - zilliongamer

Hitting an enemy champion with an ability or empowered attack permanently increases your max mana by 30, up to 300 mana.


In conclusion, Runes is an extra assist that you can set up before the game to strengthen your champion abilities, and stats during the game.

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