Wild Rift Meta Champions 2023

Which is best Wild Rift champions you should pick in Patch 4.3 ?. Check out meta champions in Wild Rift 2023 here.

Wild Rift Meta Champions 2023

Here Wild Rift Meta champions in patch 4.3c, these champion that we provided are very hard to counter and have higher chance on wining the lane and to carry the game too.

  • Meta Champions Wild Rift 2023:
    • Aatrox.
    • Ahri.
    • Yone.
    • Jax.
    • Diana.
    • Tristana.
    • Camille.
    • Wukong.

Meta Champions in Wild Rift 2023 - zilliongamer


Aatrox is best meta champion in baron lane, he counter a lot of champions in baron one of the best baron lane champion you should pick.

He deal a tons of damage in early and late game, Aatrox have a ability to carry the game because of the insane damage from his first ability with the right items and runes he can easily carry the game.


Ahri is a great champion you should pick in mid lane, she have ranged advantage and she can easily harass or poke you down with her first and second ability Orb of Deception & fox-fire.

Her fist ability deal insane amount of magic damage in late game and it is hard to chase her down too when she has Spirit Rush. 


Yone deal a lot of damage he has ability to poke and dodge enemy ability with his third ability Soul Unbound but you need to play a little bit safe in early game.

He also very useful in teamfight if he able to slash 2 to 3 enemies in teamfight give him and his teammate have a high chance on wining the teamfight. 


Jax is still a meta champion even he got nerfs with correct build and runes Jax has higher chance on wining the lane, pick Jax if enemy team have a lot of squishy champions.


If you looking for burst damage champion in mid or jungle lane Diana is currently the meta champions in mid and jungle easy to play and can one shot squishy champion with her combos.

With correct build you can dominating the games you have a very high chance wining so many game with Diana.


Tristana is one of the best marksman you should pick Tristana counter a lot of marksman or other lane champions, she deal insane a mount of damage in late game in early not so much if you pick her play safe in early game.

Kai'Sa also a meta champion right now, pick Kai'Sa when enemy team have one to two tank champion, if there a lot of squishy champion in enemy team Kai'Sa is the best pick or you.


Camille can easily carry the whole team she have great ability, her passive when you attack enemy champion you will gain shield 20% of her health if you have more health the bigger the shield she gets.

You gonna win most early game with her passive so when you have passive play aggressive and try to go all in, her ability is a bit hard to understand you need a decent amount of games to understand her.


Wukong currently is the best jungle champion and he very useful in teamfight, Wukong can deal a tons of damage and he can easily one shot squishy champion with the right build.

End of Wild Rift Meta Champions 2023.