Varus Counter Picks Wild Rift

Varus is a marksman normally play in dragon lane, he is the best long range poke marksman in the dragon lane his first skill is very annoying to deal since it can deal high damage when it fully charge and has low cooldown.

Find out all counter pick against Varus, lane synergy when match up with him, and more here.

Varus Counter Picks

Wild Rift Varus Counter Picks Champions - zilliongamer

Best champion use to counter Varus here:

  • Akali.
  • Zed.
  • Annie.
  • Fizz.
  • Master Yi.
  • Ahri.
  • Leona.
  • Lucian.

Item that can counter Varus is:

  • Quicksilver Enchant.
  • Stasis Enchant.
  • Randuin’s Omen.

When you play against Varus you need to dodge his Piercing Arrow a lot and his ultimate if you play as a marksman or mid lane you can get Quicksilver enchant it will remove all of crowd control.

Try to focus him in teamfight normally when you group up ready for teamfight Varus will take a chuck of your HP before you even start teamfight.

Start focus on him if you jump on him you have a higher chance in winning teamfight because Varus doesn't have any escape ability he can only reliant on his teammate and his summoner spells.

Try to escape Varus’s ultimate, it will chain you and your teammate inside his ultimate location.


Akali is good pick against Varus she has high mobility she can dodge most of his skill, with high level Varus he will use his ultimate when Akali came close to him so you need to be more careful when engage him.

If you play her right she can easily one shot him with her full combos.


Zed best pick counter pick champion against Varus, Zed can easily dodge Varus ultimate with his ultimate and can easily one shot him.


Varus is weak when enemies has lot of crowd control, Annie can stun him with her first ability, second ability, and her ultimate. Annie can harass Varus when he come up try to hit minions.

If Annie fall back behind she still can one shot him if she can land a stun.

Fizz & Master Yi

Fizz and Master Yi is the best counter champion for you to pick against Varus they both has high mobility high damage. Fizz and Master Yi can dodge any of Varus abilities with third and second ability.

Fizz third ability allow him to get close distance and make him untargetable for a few second make it easy to dodge Varus abilities same to Master Yi.


Ahri also the best counter pick champion when match up with Varus her first skill allow her to poke down Varus and take a chuck of his HP before she decide to go all out with him.

And her Ultimate allow her to dodge Varus skill shot excellent when chase or escape from him her third ability allow deal more damage to Varus when she hits the charm.

Leona & Lucian

Leona and Lucian is the best duo counter pick against Varus in the bottom lane, Leona has a lot of crowd control and has low cooldown too Leona alone can't win Varus but she can ruin Varus day.

Lucian can deal very high damage in early and late game Lucian is a great pick against Varus bottom lane with Leona we sure that Varus won't have a chance.

End of Varus Counter Pick.