Talon Wild Rift Build Guide (Patch 5.0a) Items, Runes, and Combos

Choosing the correct build is really important in the game. This article will show you the best Talon Build Guide Wild Rift. Which items & runes are the best for Talon in Patch 4.4 here.

Learn more about the Wild Rift Talon build guide, including items, runes, best combos, skill order, ability details, and the optimal build that enables Talon to one-shot enemies.

Talon Guide Wild Rift

Talon Build Guide in Wild Rift Patch - zilliongamer

Talon is a deadly assassin he known for his swift and precise movements in the rift. 

His kit is focused on burst damage, mobility, and stealth, making him a formidable duelist and roamer.

Talon Build Guide Wild Rift

Here is the best build for Talon in LoL Wild Rift, designed to help him dominate in lane and teamfights.

The Best Build for Talon in Wild Rift - zilliongamer

  • Talon Build Item Break Down:
  • Yumuu's Ghostblade: Yumuu's Ghostblade is a pretty strong item for Talon in early game it help increases his damage, ability cooldown, armor pen, and movement speed which is very good for Talon to gank.
  • Duskblade of Draktharr: Provides a significant amount of attack damage and increases more armor penetration.
  • Spear of Shojin: Get Spear of Shojin as a third item for Talon, it granted cooldown reduction, attack damage, armor penetration, and movement speed.
  • Edge of Night: Help provides attack damage, lethality, and health. Edge of Night often using by AD assassin which is a very good item for Talon.
  • Serpent's Fang: Serpent's Fang is a great item when goes again heavy champion rely on heal and shield.

Talon Guide in Wild Rift - zilliongamer

Talon Runes Build Wild Rift & Summoner Spells

The Best runes build for Talon in Wild Rift are: Fist Strike, Triumph, Last Stand, Legend: Tenacity, and Bone Plating.

The Best Runes for Talon in Wild Rift - zilliongamer

  • First Strike: Obtains gold and bonus damage when initiate deals damage.
  • Triumph: Champion takedowns restore lost resources.
  • Last Stand: Deals more damage to enemy champions the lower your Health is.
  • Legend: Tenacity: Gains Tenacity and Slow Resist.
  • Bone Plating: Help reduces incoming damage.

Talon's Skill Order Wild Rift

Talon Skills Order in Wild Rift - zilliongamer

  • Blade's End (Passive): Talon's spells Wound champions and large monsters, stacking up to 3 times. When Talon attacks a champion with 3 stacks of Wound, they bleed for heavy damage over time.
  • Noxian Diplomacy: Talon stabs the target unit. If they are within melee range, this attack deals critical damage. If they are outside melee range, Talon will leap at his target before stabbing them. Talon refunds some health and cooldown if this ability kills the target.
  • Rake: Talon sends out a volley of daggers that then return back to him, dealing physical damage every time it passes through an enemy. The returning blades deal bonus damage and slow units hit.
  • Assassin's Path: Talon vaults over any terrain or structure, up to a max distance. This ability has a low cooldown, but puts the used terrain on a long cooldown.
  • Shadow Assault: Talon disperses a ring of blades and becomes Invisible while gaining additional Move Speed. When Talon emerges from Invisibility, the blades converge on his location. Each time the blades move, Shadow Assault deals physical damage to enemies hit by at least one blade.

Talon's Combos Wild Rift

Easy Combos

1. Begin with his sencond ability Rake > Noxian Diplomacy > finish the combo with auto attack.

2. Rake > then use ultimate Shadow Assault > Noxian Diplomacy > finish with x2 auto attack.

Medium Combos

1. Rake > Flash in rage > follow up with Noxian Diplomacy > ultimate Shadow Assault > auto attack to finish this combo.

Hard Combos

1. Rake > then Noxian Diplomacy > x2 Auto Attack > then ultimate Shadow Assault > x2 Auto Attack > then Noxian Diplomacy > finish with Auto Attack.


Talon, the new ad mid lane champion released in the Wild Rift Patch Notes 5.0a. With our build guide, you can excel in teamfights and effortlessly one-shot squishy enemy champions.