Swain Wild Rift Best Counter Picks

Swain is a great mage champion usually played in Mid Lane, he can deal a tons of magic damage and almost unkillable when he has ultimate.

Find out Swain best counter Wild Rift champion in all role, item to counter, general counter, lane synergy, and more here.

Wild Rift Swain Counter Picks

Here all Swain counter picks in every role Wild Rift:

Swain Counter Picks Top Lane Wild Rift

Check out who the best champion in Top Lane use to counter Swain:

Here are the best counter picks champion against Swain in Top Lane: Jax, Sett, and Yone.

Swain Counter Picks in Top Lane Wild Rift - zilliongamer

Jax, Sett, and Yone is the best champion to counter Swain in Top Lane, they have a tool to easily counter Swain.

Swain Counter Picks Mid Lane Wild Rift

Here are the best counter picks champion against Swain in Mide Lane: Ahri, Fizz, and Katarina.

Swain Counter Picks in Mid Lane Wild Rift - zilliongamer

Swain weak against Ahri, Fizz, and Katarina, they have insane burst magic damage easily eliminate him with their full combos.

Swain Counter Picks Jungle Lane Wild Rift

Here are the best counter picks champion against Swain in Jungle Lane: Amumu, Kayn, Pantheon, and Riven.

Swain Counter Picks in Jungle Lane Wild Rift - zilliongamer

Amumu is a very good pick against Swain, he weak in the early game ganking in early game with Amumu , Kayn, Pantheon, and Riven try to make him lose lane and fall behind your mid laner.

Swain Counter Picks Support Lane Wild Rift

Here are the best counter picks champion against Swain in Jungle Lane: Lux, Morgana, Lulu, and Brand.

Swain Counter Picks in Support Lane Wild Rift - zilliongamer

Swain worst against Lux, Morgana, Lulu, and Brand support, most of them have a lot of crowd control which is very good to picks against Swain.

Swain Counter Picks Marksman Lane Wild Rift

Swain Counter Picks in Marksman Lane Wild Rift - zilliongamer

Tristana, Jinx, Caitlyn, and Xayah is the best marksman counter picks against Swain.

General Counter Tips and Tricks

You need to poke Swain before starting teamfights, try to harass him whenever he come up for CS and try to trade with him.

Swain will not be able to survive when player goes for all in when they have a lead vs him. If you know that he wasted his ultimate make sure to look out for an advantage to kill him.

You must watch out for his third ability call Nevermore he will try to do a combination with it if you got caught he will take a chunk of your health remember that his third ability Nevermore won't go through your minions try to play around your minions wave.

Swain Wild Rift Counter Item

Best Item use to counter Swain are: Morellonomicon and Mortal Reminder.

Swain Counter Items Wild Rift - zilliongamer

Both of this item is very good against Swain because both of them have Grievous Wounds can pervent him from healing and regeneration.

End of Swain Best Counter Picks In Wild Rift.

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