How to get Hextech Key in Wild Rift

Check out how to get Hextech key in Wild Rift and everything you should know about Hextech Key & Hextech Chest in League of Legend Wild Rift here. 

Wild Rift release Hextech crafting for player who want to pick up old or rare skins that missed or along with new exclusive skins and chromas. 

How to Get Hextech Keys Wild Rift

If you want to open Hextech Chest you will need Hextech Key, so how to get hextech key in wild rift ? You can buy Hextech Key in Store Loot and click on + Hextech Key.

How to Get Hextech Key in Wild Rift - zilliongamer

Hextech Key cost 15 Wild Cores each, if you want to open Hextech Chest you will need 10 of Hextech Keys to open one Hextech Chest, 10 Hextech keys cost 150 wild rift cores.

Hextech Chest Wild Rift - zilliongamer

You can get old, rare, and exclusive skins from Hextech chest, if you open 5 times you will receive 10 Hextech keys to open one more.

When open a hextech chest, you will immediately get some of list skin, skin shard plus some orange or gemstones and hextech milestone track, which divvies out rewards for using hextech crafting.

You can only open up to 200 Hextech Chests per day.

Orange Gemstone

Hextech Exchange Store Wild Rift - zilliongamer

You can use orange gemstone to exchange for reward like Hextech Annie skin, Hextech Vayne, Ezreal, Garen, Hextech Jarvan IV, Hextech Alista, and more.

Skin Shard & Silver Stardust

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You can disenchant skin shards to get Silver Stardust, you need silver stardust to upgrade skin shards  to skin. How much silver stardust that transformation requires depends on skin rarity. 

Skin Shard -> 450 Silver Stardust to full skin.

Epic Skin Shard -> 750 Silver Stardust.

Legendary Skin Shard -> 1000 Silver Stardust.

You also can use one Orange Gemstone to exchange for 10 Silver Stardust and can only do this exchange 200 times per month.

Hextech Milestone Rewards

If you open Hextech Chest you will getting loot form every chest for the number of hextech chest you have opened.

Chests OpenedReward
510 Hextech Keys 
10200 Silver Stardust
25300 Silver Stardust
50300 Silver Stardust
100Epic Skin Shard Selection Chest
120200 Silver Stardust
140100 Silver Stardust
160200 Silver Stardust 
180100 Silver Stardust
200Epic Skin Shard Selection Chest II

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