Best Counter Picks Champion against Talon Wild Rift

Find out who is the best counter picks champion against Talon in Wild Rift here, Talon best counter champion in Patch 5.0b item counter, general counter, and more here.

Best Counter Picks against Talon Champion Wild Rift

The best counterpick against Talon often depends on the player's skill level and team composition.

However, champions with strong early game presence, mobility, crowd control, or the ability to outscale Talon in the late game tend to fare well against him.

Check out best Talon Counter Picks Champion in Wild Rift here:

  • Best Champion pick Vs Talon:
  • Fizz
  • Akali
  • Annie
  • Pantheon
  • Katarina
  • Yasuo
  • Yone
  • Master Yi

Talon Counter Pick in Wild Rift - zilliongamer


Fizz extremely strong against Talon, Fizz is the best pick when match up against Talon.

Fizz deals a huge amount of AP damage and can easily counter Talon's skills and ultimate using his third ability, Playful/Trickster.

Fizz's burst damage potential means he can quickly take down Talon before the latter has a chance to eliminate Fizz.


Akali's high burst damage makes her a threat to Talon, especially if she catches him off-guard or after he uses his abilities.

Akali's second ability Twilight Shroud when active provide her with invisibility, which can be useful for dodging Talon abilities.


Annie is strong against Talon because her passive allows her abilities to stun enemies after casting 4 spells, enabling her to stun Talon and unleash her burst damage.

If Annie manages her passive effectively, she can easily stun Talon and one-shot him with her full combo.


Pantheon's strong in the early game allows him to harass Talon, denying him farm and experience. Pantheon's first ability is effective for poking Talon.

Pantheon's passive can block some of Talon's burst damage, which is very good when laning against him.


Katarina has high mobility and burst damage, she can dash to minions with her third ability which can use to dodging Talon's abilities.

If Katarina can bait out Talon's abilities, she can swiftly burst him down before he has a chance to react.


Yasuo is an extremely strong pick against Talon. Yasuo's Wind Wall can block Talon's second ability, Rake, which can prevent Talon from activating his passive.

Yasuo can counter Talon's ultimate with his own ultimate, Last Breath, and he can also dodge some of Talon's abilities by dashing through minions.


Yone has high burst damage potential, especially with his ultimate, Fate Sealed. Yone can quickly burst him down before Talon can react.

You can use Yone's third ability, Soul Unbound, to bait Talon into wasting his abilities. Then, you can perform Yone's full combo on him.

Master Yi

Master Yi is extremely strong against Talon. He can easily outdamage him, and Master Yi's first ability can help him dodge Talon's abilities.

Master Yi's strong sustain can help him survive Talon's burst damage, and by using his first ability to counter Talon's ultimate, he greatly increases his chances of winning against Talon.


Overall, these champions are good matchups against Talon, giving players what they need to control the game.