Anti Heal Item Wild Rift

What is anti heal in Wild Rift, which are the best anti heal item use to counters the healing from your enemies. Check out the best Anti Heal Item in Wild Rift here.

Anti Heal Items in Wild Rift

Best Anti Heal Items in Wild Rift - zilliongamer

Morellonomicon is one of the best anti heal items in wild rift, when dealing magic damage will applies 40% grievous wounds to enemy champions if target below 50% health increased effect to 50% grievous wounds.

Mortal Reminder also a best anti heal item if you play as a AD champion Mortal Reminder, when dealing physical damage will applies 40% grievous wound the same like Morellonomicon. 

Grievous Wounds effect reduces the impact of healing and regeneration effects ( Prevent them from healing for 3 second ) you can buy both of these items in shop.

Champion like Dr. Mundo or Aatrox have great sustain regen heal and mana every quickly which is very annoying when match up with them, if you mage champion get Morellonmicon but if you physical damage champion Mortal Reminder.

  • Morellonmicon is for champion who use magic ( Mage Champions ).
  • Mortal Reminder is for fighter or physical damage dealer damage ( AD Champion ).

Thornmail also is a great anti heal item for those who play tank champion, in early game if you AD champion get Executioner Calling, if AP champion get Oblivion Orb. Later on upgrade to Mortal Reminder or Morellonmicon.

End of Anti Heal Items in Wild Rift.

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