Xayah Build, Runes, & Counters

Xayah is a character in League of Legends Wild Rift. Guide includes Xayah build, best runes, abilities, and counters!

Xayah Rating & Stats

Wild Rift Xayah | zilliongamerXayah

Xayah is a marksman in the League of Legends Universe who plays in Duo lane. Xayah deal physical damage with fast attack speed and has good Crowd control abilities.

Rating by her Stats, Xayah is consider to be Moderate champion to play.

Xayah Build

Wild Rift Items: Blade of the Ruined King | League of Legends Wild Rift - zilliongamerBlade of the Ruined King
Wild Rift Items: Runaan's Hurricane | League of Legends Wild Rift - zilliongamerRunaan's Hurricane
Wild Rift Items: Gluttonous Greaves | League of Legends Wild Rift - zilliongamerGluttonous Greaves
Wild Rift Items: Infinity Edge | League of Legends Wild Rift - zilliongamerInfinity Edge
Wild Rift Items: Bloodthirster | League of Legends Wild Rift - zilliongamerBloodthirster
Wild Rift Items: Guardian Angel | League of Legends Wild Rift - zilliongamerGuardian Angel
Wild Rift Items: Quicksilver Enchant | League of Legends Wild Rift - zilliongamerQuicksilver Enchant

The best Xayah Build in Wild Rift start from Blade of the Ruined King following by Runaan's Hurricane and Gluttonous Greaves as her core items.

Next is Infinity Edge to boost her Critical rate, Bloodthrister, and Guardian Angel to get revives at death.

Xayah Runes

The best Wild Rift Xayah Runes are Conqueror keystone with Gathering Storm, Spirit Walker, and Sweet Tooth.

Wild Rift Rune: Conqueror - zilliongamerConquerorGain stacks of AD or AP when hitting a champion with seperate attacks or abilities. Stacks up to 5 times. When fully stacked deal bonus damage to champions. (Adaptive)
Wild Rift Rune: Gathering Storm - zilliongamerGathering StormEvery 2 minutes, gain AD or AP. (Adaptive)
Wild Rift Rune: Spirit Walker - zilliongamerSpirit WalkerGain bonus max health and slow resistance.
Wild Rift Rune: Sweet Tooth - zilliongamerSweet ToothIncreases Honeyfruit healing effect, each fruit also provides bonus gold.

Summoner Spells

Wild Rift Summoner Spell: Flash - zilliongamerFlashTeleport a short distance forward or toward the aimed direction.
Wild Rift Summoner Spell: Heal - zilliongamerHealRestores 80 Health and grants 30% bonus Movement Speed for 1 seconds to you and the most wounded nearby ally champion.

Xayah Abilities

View Wild Rift Xayah combos and orders, and ability details.

Ability Combos

1. Deadly Plumage > Double Daggers > Bladecaller.

2. Featherstorm > Deadly Plumage > Double Daggers.

3. Double Daggers > Bladecaller > Deadly Plumage.

Ability Orders

Xayah Ability: Double Daggers | Wild Rift - zilliongamerDouble DaggersXayah Ability: Deadly Plumage | Wild Rift - zilliongamerDeadly PlumageXayah Ability: Bladecaller | Wild Rift - zilliongamerBladecallerXayah Ability: Featherstorm | Wild Rift - zilliongamerFeatherstorm

Ability Details

Xayah Ability: Clean Cuts | Wild Rift - zilliongamerClean Cuts

After using an ability, Xayah's next 3 attacks will hit all enemies along their path and drop Feathers she can reclass. Xayah can store up to 5 Feathers at a time.

Lover's Leap: Xayah and Rakan can join each other's recall. Both will reach the Summoning Platform while the initiator's recall ends.

Xayah Ability: Double Daggers | Wild Rift - zilliongamerDouble Daggers

Throws two daggers dealing 35 physical damage each and leaving two feathers. Targets hit after the first take 50% damage.

Cooldown: 10/9/8/7

Mana: 50

Xayah Ability: Deadly Plumage | Wild Rift - zilliongamerDeadly Plumage

Creates a storm of blades for 4s that grants 25% Attack Speed and causes attacks to deal 20% more damage.

If Deadly Plumage strikes an enemy champion, gain 25% Movement Speed for 2 seconds.

If Rakan is nearby he will also gain the effects of this skill.

Cooldown: 20/18/16/14

Mana: 60

Xayah Ability: Bladecaller | Wild Rift - zilliongamerBladecaller

Calls back all Feathers, dealing 55 physical damage to enemies they pass through. Hitting an enemy with 3 feathers roots them for 1s.

Cooldown: 12/11/10/9

Mana: 40

Xayah Ability: Featherstorm | Wild Rift - zilliongamerFeatherstorm

Leaps into the air, becoming untargetable and throwing out a fan of daggers which deal 100% physical damage and leave behind a line of Feathers. Can move while in the air.

Cooldown: 95/85/75

Mana: 100

Xayah Counters

Enemy Matchups

Good Against
Wild Rift Ashe | zilliongamerAsheXayah is a good counter to Ashe since you has better wave clearing advantage, fast attack speed, and higher damage in early game.
Wild Rift Jhin | zilliongamerJhinXayah is also a good counter pick to Jhin, you has better attack range especially in early game you can harass Jhin easily with your Double daggers.
Wild Rift Jinx | zilliongamerJinxXayah is a good champion against Jinx. She has better AoE damage output when harassing plus Jinx doesn't have any skill to dodge Xayah Bladecaller.
Wild Rift Varus | zilliongamerVarusXayah and Varus attack range are on par, when fighting you tend to have better crowd control than Varus. You can also use your ultimate to dodge his ultimate as well.
Wild Rift Draven | zilliongamerDravenPlay Xayah against Draven you need to maintain your range from his high damage. You can harass Draven well with your Double daggers and Bladecaller when he come in close.
Hard Counters
Wild Rift Ezreal | zilliongamerEzrealEzreal is a great champion to counter Xayah, you can use Mystic shot to harass her or stay out of her double dagger range. When she try to ultimate you can also use Arcane Shift to get out as well.
Wild Rift Vayne | zilliongamerVayneVayne can also pick to counter Xayah, Vayne has high damage burst, and good mobility especially with tumble. She can also condemn Xayah out if she try to use her ultimate.
Wild Rift Miss Fortune | zilliongamerMiss FortuneMiss Fortune has better mobility when playing Against Xayah, you can also harass Xayah with your Double up or Make it rain to zone her out.
Wild Rift Tristana | zilliongamerTristanaWhen playing Tristana against Xayah, you can deal higher damage with your Explosive charge and use Rocket Jump to dodge Xayah ultimate.

Support Partners

Wild Rift Rakan | zilliongamerRakanRakan is the best support for Xayah, the both has sync abilities. The grand entrance is also a good ability to protect you from getting ganked.
Wild Rift Braum | zilliongamerBraumBraum is a great support to play with Xayah, his passive concussive blow work very well with your double dagger and call back combo, also he can protect you with his Unbreakable ability as well.
Wild Rift Blitzcrank | zilliongamerBlitzcrankBlitzcrank is an aggressive support that can lane well with Xayah, with the Rocket grab allows Blitz to hook the enemy into your feather range and eliminate the target.
Wild Rift Seraphine | zilliongamerSeraphineSeraphine is a good healer / aggressive support to play with Xayah. She can zone the enemy out with her High note and Beat drop while you can farm without getting harass from the enemy.
Wild Rift LuLu | zilliongamerLuluLulu is a good defensive / healer support that play well with Xayah, Lulu can shield you with Help pix ability and boost your strength by using Wild Growth during teamfight.
Wild Rift Alistar | zilliongamerAlistarAlistar is a good defensive / tank champion to support Xayah, When teamfight Alistar is very useful with his Ultimate on and you can output your maximum damage.

Xayah Pros and Cons

1. Powerful damage spike when hitting combos.
2. Fast attack speed and movement speed.
3. Great Ultimate can dodge any ability if timing correctly.
4. Strong AOE damage output in teamfight.
1. Difficult champion to play.
2. Require good timing to land an ability.

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