Wild Rift Ekko Build in Patch 4.2b

Ekko is a mage champion in wild rift. He normally played in mid lane and Jungle Lane, choosing the correct build is really important for Ekko check out our best build for Ekko in Patch 4.2b here.

Ekko Wild Rift in Patch 4.3 - zilliongamer

Ekko is one of the best mage champion that you can play in mid lane and jungle lane, with high burst magic damage and great movement speed.  

Wild Rift Ekko Build Patch 4.2b

Ekko Best Build Wild Rift, Main Build Full AP Build. This build is the best build for Ekko allow him to deal a ton of damage and can easily one shot enemy carry.

Main Build

Ekko Best items Build Wild Rift are: Nashor Tooth, Lich Bane, Rabadon's Deathcap, Mercury's Treads Boots, Morellonomicon, Void Staff, and Mercury's Protobelt.

Best Build For Ekko Wild Rift - zilliongamer

Nashor Tooth is the first item you should get if you play in jungle lane it give you 40% attack speed and ability haste it very good for Ekko because of his Passive. (Mid Lane should start with Luden's Echo)

Best Second item for Ekko is Lich Bane it very good on Ekko it boost a lot of AP damage for Ekko and his movement speed using an ability next attack will deal bonus magic damage.

Rabandon's Deathcap is the third item you should get because it help increase a lot of AP damage for Ekko when you finish fourth items Ekko can easily one shot enemy carry.

Morellonomicon is the best item for Ekko because it applies 40% Grievous Wounds to enemy champion as the debuff enemies to prevent them from healing and force them to stay in the fight.

Void Staff is the last item you should build get build when enemies has a lot of magic resistance, it help increases 45% of magic penetration which is very good you can deal more damage even they has magic resistance.

Second Best Build For Ekko Wild Rift

Best Second Build For Ekko Wild Rift - zilliongamer

Get Luden's Echo for Ekko it should be the first item you should get, it help him deal more damage in the early game and increases his Mana and abilities cooldown.

Infinity Orb work the same as Void Staff it increase Ekko is movement speed and magic penetration and more ability power than Void Staff if enemies champion doesn't have a lot of magic resistance you should get Infinity Orb.

You can also get Protobelt Enchant instead of Stasis Enchant.

End of Ekko Best Build Wild Rift in Patch 4.2b.