Best Support Champion for Ranked | Wild Rift

Check out the Best Support Champion for Rank to you to pick in Wild Rift here. In this article will guide you on which the best support champion for Ranked in Wild Rift.

Best Support Champion to Pick in Rank

Best Support Champion For Ranked in Wild Rift - zilliongamer

Here are the best support champions for ranked in League of Legend Wild Rift:

  • Nautilus
  • Karma
  • Alista
  • Liona
  • Soraka


Nautilus is the best support you should pick for rank game his second ability allow him to hook enemy or escape from them his first skill use for start the teamfights.

He can also slow enemies with his third skill Riptide and knock up multiple enemy why they in the line of Depth Charge best ultimate use to engage in teamfighs.

Nautilus first skill can root enemy for a period of time you can use this to help your AD carry deal damage to the target he has great utility easy to play and also can reach high rank with him.


Karma is best poke support champion in Wild Rift, if you match up with her it gonna be hard for your lane she an annoying poke champion that can take a chuck of your HP with her abilities in a blink of an eyes.

Her poke can deal high damage force them to lose some CS with they step up for farm, it hard to deal with her that why you should pick her in rank game.

Karma can slow multiple enemy and root enemies with her first skill and second skill, her third skill can shield her allies and grant movement speed boost for a period of time,

When activate her ultimate she will create ah huge circle enemies inside the edge of the circle will slow and get pull in to the center of the circle a very good ultimate for Karma.


Alista is a strong support if you need the best support champion to play in rank you should pick Alista, he has one of the best support utility first skill is knock up enemies around him his second skill knock back enemy.

You can combo second skill with first skill but you need to timing it well in order to do this combo if you hit the second skill you dashes to your enemy will knock them up with his first skill.

You can also knock up enemy with first skill and knock them back to your teammate using his second skill you can do lot of things with Alista.

Alista is very tanky in late game, first item you should get is Dead Man's Plate increases Alista armor, health and movement speed great for roaming and help gank your teammate or chase down enemies that quite low if you have this item.

He is a great support champion easy to play especially when you can do the second to first skill combos.


Leona the best support that has a lot of crowd control, her first, third and ultimate allow she to close distance to enemies, stun multiple enemy, and also can slow them for a period of time.

For her second skill help increases her armor and magic resist and it will explodes dealing magic damage if hit bonus armor effect will extended make her more tanky when use this ability.

Leona is a great support champion you should pick her in rank game with a lot of crowd control and very easy to play.


Soraka is the best healing support in wild rift if you don't want to play tank support you should pick her for ranked game she is the best healing support in the game and very easy to play.

You can use her first and third skill to poke your enemies, second skill healing your allies when healing allies will cost some of Soraka's health if she has heal blow 5% she can't cast her second skill.

Soraka ultimate is the best she heal a lot health to allies in the same time you can save your teammate win the fight with her ultimate but it has long cool down build item that can reduce cooldown is best for her.