Best Support Champion for Beginner | Wild Rift

Check out the Best Support Champion for beginner to pick in Wild Rift here. In this article will guide you on which the best and easy Support champion for beginner in Wild Rift.

Best Support Champion to Pick for Beginner

Best Support Champion For Beginner in Wild Rift - zilliongamer

Here are the best and easy Support champions for beginner in League of Legend Wild Rift:

  • Soraka
  • Leona
  • Lulu
  • Sona
  • Yuumi


Soraka is one of the best she can heal, slow enemies, and silences enemies within with her third ability Equinox.

Her first ability create a ring circle when hit enemies will slow them and she will healing up for a bit that really help her to poke in the lane and help her to have a bit more sustain as well if you hit it really useful skill.

Her second skill will heal allies but it will take off some of Soraka health if you allies doesn't need HP or only have a tiny bit of poke probably not worth it to give it to them it really important if you hit your first skill after that.

Soraka third abillity it deal a bit of magic damage and it will root any enemy champions in that area really great for CC.

Her ultimate is one of the best support skill that skill will heal all allies on the rift and heal them even more hp is their health below 35% you need to have map awareness with Soraka.


In Wild Rift Leona usually played in dragon lane as a support she deal physical damage since she is a support she doesn't deal much damage but she has a lot of crowd control and very easy to play you should pick her if you try to learn how to support.

Leona passive when attack enemy she will apply sunlight debuff enemies this passive help her allies deal a little bit more damage every Leona hits enemies with attack.

Her first skill will empowers and stun enemy for short period of time with the very short cool down you can keep the enemy pin down.

Her second ability will increases her armor and magic resist and it will explodes dealing magic damage if hit bonus armor effect will extended.

Leona third ability swing her blade in a straight line the last champion hit will get rooted and she will dashes to her enemy.

Leona ultimate is very useful in teamfight when activate she will calls a beam of light dealing magic and stunning enemies at the center of the beam and slow down enemies outside the beam.

Leona is a great support champion easy to play and she really have good potential in teamfight.


Lulu is a great support for beginner she specializes in her utility and buffs.

Lulu ability can deal decent magic damage and she has ability to slow enemy champion and give shield to allies her first skill Glitterlance fires a piecing boat that deals magic damage to first enemy hit when enemy hit will slow them for 80%.

Her second skill is Whimsy she will when activate create a ring when hit enemy they will turn into polymorphs disabling them from attack or using any abilities and reduce their movement speed when cast on allies will increases their movement speed and attack speed for a period of time.

Lulu ultimate when use it on allies will grant bonus health, slow nearby enemy and knock them up for a period of time she can cast it on her self too this ability is very useful for chase down enemy and protecting your allies.


Sona is one of the best support he can deal high damage heal allies, root enemies, amazing in teamfight , a great poke and easy to master.

Her first ability create a circle around her and target two nearby enemy dealing damage to them and her circle around makes her next attack and allies that touched the circle will deal extra magic damage.

Sona second ability the same like her first skill create a circle around her which can healing allies champion and it will also shield herself.

Give movement boost speed to allies when activate her third ability if she take damage it will end the buff if she attack will slow enemy champion her ultimate is a wide skill shot which can stun enemy hit in a straight line. 


If you looking for an easy support champion to play you should pick Yuumi. She is incredibly easy to play she can't be targeted by her enemies and can make the carry even stronger.

She is vulnerable if the carry make a lot of mistake she reliant on her carry to do well in game. Her second skill attached to ally she grant two stack for kill enemy champions and minions she will untargetable and casting skill from her allies position.

Yuumi first skill is a skill shot which deal magic damage and slow enemy hit for a period of time while attached to ally will get extra bonus magic damage if it use when Yuumi attached to ally she able to control it.

Her third skill can shield her and her ally when attached and grant bonus movement speed for a short period of time.

Yuumi ultimate send give 5 waves out in a straight line damage and slow enemies hit while attached to her ally she can direct the ultimate. Yuumi is a great support champion for beginner she does very well in rift.