Best Marksman Champion for Beginner | Wild Rift

Check out the Best Marksman Champion for beginner to pick in Wild Rift here. In this article will guide you on which the best and easy Marksman champion for beginner in Wild Rift.

Best Marksman Champion to Pick for Beginner

Best Marksman Champion For Beginner in Wild Rift - zilliongamer

Here are the best and easy Marksman champions for beginner in League of Legend Wild Rift:

  • Tristana
  • Miss Fortune
  • Ashe
  • Jinx


Tristana the best marksman champion for beginner, she deal insane amount damage in early and late game she is the best AD carry you should pick if you beginner she is very easy to play.

Her Passive will help increases her range, explosive charge, and buster shot for every 10 levels, it mean that her third ability and ultimate ability will increases auto range attack make her very strong in late game.

In early she has short range and longer the game she'll able to attack from far way, her first skill when activate grant bonus attack speed which is every good since she can deal high damage like this.

Tristana seconds ability is Rocket Jump if you jump into enemy direction will deal magic damage and slowing near by enemies and when take down enemy will reset Rocket Jump allow her to go in and out quickly.

Third ability explosive charge place a bomb on enemy head after a few second it will exploded dealing AOE magic damage and physical damage when the bomb is on enemy head auto attack will make the bomb explode faster.

Her last ability Buster Shot ultimate she fire a massive cannonball toward enemy dealing damage and getting knock back very useful if you want to finishes enemy or run away from enemy that chase you.

Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune normally plays in dragon lane she deal massive damage, harass enemies very well, a good bursts, best in teamfights with her abilities that deal AOE damage but she has low mobility and squishy. 

She really mana hurry in the early game and doesn't have any crowd control her ultimate if she in the right place and the right time she can deal insane amount of damage can easily with a teamfights.

But she relies on her ultimate if not in a good position or miss it gonna be a bit hard for her, she is very easy to play you only need 2 to 3 games with her a great marksman for those just start to play in Marksman role.


Ashe one of the best marksman for beginner, she is pretty easy to play her ultimate is the best skill ultimate use to engage teamfights if it hits main carry your teammate follow up with their attack she gonna have high win rate percentage in teamfights.

If Ashe auto attack enemy or use ability on them they going to be slowed allow you to have space a lot easier if the enemies got slowed you next attack will deal bonus damage this is Ashe passive which is very helpful.

Her first skill give Ashe bonus attack speed buff it work when she attack an enemy her first skill grant stack it right above her fist skill 6 is the maximum stacks if it 6 stacks Ashe can attack a lot faster than 1-5 stack.

This skill also can deal amount of damage overall Ashe first  skill is very useful. Her second skill deal AOE damage she fires arrows in a certain area enemies hit by it will slow and damage them if you level this skill up will increases huge AOE damage can poke and slow.

Her third ability is very useful in the game it provide vision you can also keep tracking enemy jungle she can use it to spot gank or use it to face check and use it to check for objective too.