Best Marksman Champion For Patch 4.2a | Wild Rift

Check out the Best Marksman Champion for Patch 4.2a you need to pick in Wild Rift here. In this article will guide you on which the best marksman champion for Ranked in Wild Rift.

Best Marksman Champion to Pick in Rank

Best Marksman Champion For Ranked in Wild Rift - zilliongamer

Here are the best Marksman champions for ranked in League of Legend Wild Rift:

  • Ezreal
  • Vayne
  • Xayah
  • Lucian
  • Twitch


Ezreal has high potential to carry the team to victory, his ability can deal insane amount of damage in the late game and very good poke ADC champion. 

Since in this Patch 4.2 he got buffed on his first skill and ultimate skill even in early game he can deal decent damage but a mana hurry champion Manamune item work very well with Ezreal.


Vayne one of the best ADC carry deal very high damage with her second skill, her damage is good in early game but in late game she can deal insane amount of damage. 

She is very good not that hard to play if you can condemn your enemy into the wall (her third skill) that would be easy for you to deal damage.

In this Patch 4.2 they bring two new items for ADC and one of the that is the Immortal Shieldbow this item work very well with Vayne allow her to still stand and fight a bit longer.


Xayah is a ADC carry has high potential in teamfights her ability to pull back the feather that she throw is one of the best ability and can deal high amount of damage.

Her ultimate when activate invincible to any attack root or skill shot and you can use her third ability to pull back the feather and deal more damage to enemies champion.


Lucian the best ADC carry you should pick in rank games, he can clear minions wave very easy and has high damage in the early and late game.

Every time you use your ability Lucian's next attack fire two shot when attack deal bonus physical damage, he has the best ability for poke enemies and insane amount of damage with his Ultimate.

You can reach higher rank with Lucian because he is easy to master and can deal lot of damage in early and late game.


Twitch is the best ADC carry for late game the amount of damage that deal by his ultimate is insane with the right build twitch can easily carry the team.

He is very easy to play, in the early game you need to try to avoid lot of fight and farm for late game finish two or three items first. 

When teamfights you should let your team to start engage use first ability to sneak close to your enemies activate your ultimate and surprise them with your insane damage.

If you want to deal more damage to multiple target get Runaan's Hurricane this item is best for Twitch.