Best Mage Champion for Ranked | Wild Rift

Check out the Best Mage Champion for Rank for you to pick in Wild Rift here. In this article will guide you on which the best mage champion for Ranked in Wild Rift.

Best Mage Champion to Pick in Rank

Best Mage Champion For Ranked in Wild Rift - zilliongamer

Here are the best mage champions for ranked in League of Legend Wild Rift:

  • Kennen
  • Diana
  • Ahri
  • Annie
  • Gwen


Kennen is a mage champion commonly played in baron lane. He mostly deal magic damage and can deal very high damage Kennen has a lot of crowd control ability.

he a bit difficult to play but he is a very good mage champion for rank, when attack enemies with basic attack or abilities will marked them he will stuns enemies after the mark hits three time.

Kennen ultimate is very good in teamfight when activate he summons a lightning storm deal magic damage and stun enemies inside the storm after marked three times has a very good chance in winning the teamfight.


Diana is one of the best mage champion that normally played in Jungle lane, she can deal very high magic damage with her full combos.

She is also a mage assassin that also played in mid lane, her abilities allow her to dashes to enemy shield her self and she can drags all the enemies champion around her ultimate.

If you hit enemies with your first skill will inflicted with moonlight if you dashes to enemies with inflicted moonlight her third skill doesn't have cooldown.


Ahri is a mage champion usually played in mind lane she is very easy to play and can deal very high damage. Ahri has a lot of skill shot and best mobility.

She can dashes in and out quickly with her ultimate you can chase or escape enemies easily, Ahri can harass and take a chuck of enemies health with her Orb of Deception.

Very easy to play and can deal a lot of damage in teamfight she is very useful in teamfight since she has a lot of skills shot.


Annie is one of the easiest champion to play she can farm the minions very easy with her first ability and dealing insane amount of damage with her full combos.

With the right build you can easily claim high rank with Annie, she a burst champion and she can also do sustained damage.

Annie can easily one shot enemy with her full combos Disintegrate, Incinerate, and her ultimate Summon: Tibbers.

She a bit weak in the early for Annie in the early game you need to farm a lot with her first ability because if you last hit the minion Annie will refunds her mana and half percentage of the cooldown.

Annie is very good against a squishy enemy after reaching level 5 she can one shot her enemy and very good for ganking to help your teammate out.


Gwen is the best mage champion she played in Baron Lane, her ability deal very high damage expressly for her third ability grant attack speed and bonus damage with auto attack.

She is in tier S++ right now in wild rift definitely a 1 vs 4 champion but Gwen is not easy to play like other champion you need to be dedicated to her practice a lot in order to understand her.

When match up with tank champion you need to be aggressive because Gwen deal a lot of damage with her ability and her basic attack try to trade damage and need to timing well with her ability.