Best Mage Champion for Beginner | Wild Rift

Check out the Best Mage Champion for beginner to pick in Wild Rift here. In this article will guide you on which the best and easy mage champion for beginner in Wild Rift.

Best Mage Champion to Pick for Beginner

Best Mage Champion For Beginner in Wild Rift - zilliongamer

Here are the best and easy mage champions in League of Legend Wild Rift:

  • Ahri
  • Orianna
  • Lux
  • Vex
  • Annie
  • Fizz
  • Kayle


Ahri is one of the best mage champion for beginner she is very easy to play and can deal very high damage with the right build. Ahri is a mid laner that has a lot of skill shots she also has a lot of early clear wave and mobility.

Ahri passive allow her to heal up and her first skill Orb of Deception is very good for clear waves of minions and best to poke enemy even if Orb of Deception miss it can reposition the return of the orb to get some damage out.

Her second skill Fox-Fire give her boost speed when activate allow her to escape or close distance on her enemies and offering damage.

For her third ability Charm is one of the best crowd control when land it will charm enemy force them to walk toward her and also increases her damage output. Her ultimate also allow you to dashes 3 time for escape or close distance on enemies.


Orianna is a mage champion that deals mage damage with her spell cast abilities slow enemies, shield her, movement speed increases and crowd control with her ultimate.

She usually playing in mid lane her passive ball act as focal point for her abilities and it automatically return to her when Orianna walk far from the ball.

Her first skill throw the ball toward enemies location dealing magic damage combos with her second skill Command Dissonance release an electric and shock enemy close to the ball dealing magic damage.

Third skill shield her grant armor and magic resistance it can also shield her teammate her ultimate throw the ball to enemies location unleash shockwave dealing magic damage and launching nearby enemy toward the ball.


Lux is the most easiest mage champion can deal very high damage in the early game and also in late game she plays in mid laner and dragon lane match up with lux is gonna be a bit annoying.

She can poke her enemy with Light Binding and Lucent Singularity when hit follow by her normal attack can deal even more magic damage to enemy.

With the right build she can deal very high magic damage with her full combos Light Binding then Lucent Singularity follow up by her ultimate Final Spark can easily one shot enemy.


Vex is one of the best mage champion she can deal very very high damage to her enemies her skill is a bit complicated need to practice 2 to 4 games in order to understand her ability. 

If you look close you will see a yellow bar under her mana that is her passive which make you fear the enemies every time you use a skill if the yellow bar turn red you can use any skill and it will fear them.

Her third skill spawn a circle and it explodes after a few second mark the enemies that hit by it which make you deal extra damage when you use skill or auto attack. She can deal a lot of damage but you need 2 to 4 match with her to understand her skill and combos.


Annie is a mage champion that play in mid lane if you looking for a mage champion that is easy to learn and does very well in teamfight can also win solo or a champion that can play in any elo pick Annie she's the perfect mage champion for any beginner try to lern how to play mage.

Her passive allow her to stun enemy with her abilities Disintegrate, Incinerate, and Summon: Tibbers ultimate for every four abilities that she throw the fourth one gonna stun that enemy there are 4 bar below her mana.

The stack below her mana have 4 bar 3 gray bars and 1 purple bar once you see the purple bar that mean your next ability is going to stun enemies.

When enemy walking up for every CS if the enemy don't releases her ability she can punish them with her full combos.

Annie first skill can use to farm CS if you kill minions or champion with her first skill you will get reduce cooldown and half of the mana so that you can use her first skill more frequently.


Kayle is the best mage champion she can deal insane amount of damage to her enemies. Kayle is a bit weak in the early game when she got her ultimate when Kayle got her ultimate she will becomes ranged champion.

Kayle can easily farm and poke enemy safely because she is now a range champion in the late game Kayle is one of the the strongest champion even your team lose many objective.

She will deal insane amount of damage in late game if you'll winning with her if you don't make mistake and fight with your teammate.