Crimson Shadow Recipe, Stats, & Passive

Crimson Shadow is an Advanced Roaming item that provide CD Reduction, Attack Speed, and Mana for your team. Find Crimson Shadow recipe, stats, and passive here.


In order to buy Crimson Shadow you need a combination of Knowledge Gem and Resilient Agate. This item cost 900 Gold in the latest season.

Crimson Shadow | Honor of Kings Global | zilliongamerCrimson Shadow
Knowledge Gem | Honor of Kings Global | zilliongamerKnowledge GemResilient Agate | Honor of Kings Global | zilliongamerResilient Agate

Building Crimson Shadow is quite simple, you need Knowledge Gem first then complete this item with Resilient Agate.

Stats & Passive

Guardian can provide your character such as:

  • +500 Max Health.
  • +6 Movement Speed.

This item has three passive call:

Passive - Agility Aura

Teammates within a range of 800 gain 8% Attack Speed, 8% Cooldown Reduction, and 10 Mana every 5 seconds.

Passive - Reward

Increases max Health by 200 - 400.

Increases main attack stat by 20 - 40. (1 man attack stat = 1 Physical Attack or 2 Magical Attack).

Passive - Guerrilla

Player does not receive a share of the earning from monster and minion kills, but instead gains a separate by 25% - 50% Gold and EXP (maxes out at the 20:00 mark).

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End of Crimson Shadow Item Guide.