Arthur Build and Guide

In Honor of Kings Arthur's strength lies in his straightforward but powerful abilities. This build is designed to be easy to master, emphasizing his core strengths and letting you dominate fights without complex combos. Perfect for beginners or anyone who enjoys a direct playstyle.

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Arthur Best Arcana

Honor of Kings Red Arcana: FateFate x10Honor of Kings Blue Arcana: HarmonyHarmony x10Honor of Kings Green Arcana: Eagle EyeEagle Eye x10

Arthur Ability Summary

Here's a summary of Arthur passive and all abilities in Honor of Kings:

Holy Vanguard (Passive)

  • Arthur automatically heals a small amount of health every few seconds.
  • Healing is doubled when slowed.

Valiant Charge (Skill 1)

  • Arthur dashes forward with his next attack.
  • Deals extra damage and silences the enemy (stops them from using abilities).

Whirling Strike (Skill 2)

  • Arthur spins, damaging enemies around him repeatedly.

Might of Excalibur (Ultimate)

  • Arthur jumps to a target enemy, dealing damage.
  • Knocks nearby enemies into the air.

Arthur Combo Breakdown

  1. Engage: Use "Valiant Charge" (Skill 1) to dash towards the enemy, dealing damage and silencing them. This prevents them from escaping or countering you immediately.

  2. Sustained Damage: Activate "Whirling Strike" (Skill 2) to spin and deal continuous damage to the silenced enemy and anyone else nearby.

  3. Finish Strong: Use your ultimate "Might of Excalibur" to leap onto the target, dealing another burst of damage and knocking up any enemies caught within range.

How to play Arthur in Honor of Kings

This is how to play Arthur in each stage:

  • Early Game

    • Clear minion waves quickly.
    • Harass enemies with your abilities to keep them away from gold and experience.
    • Watch for ganking opportunities and help teammates when possible.
    • Take neutral objectives (like Spirit Sentinel) for team buffs.
  • Mid Game

    • Join team fights and focus on securing objectives (like Dark Slayer).
    • Lead the charge! Use your tankiness and crowd control to start fights.
    • Protect your team's damage dealers from enemy assassins.
    • Catch enemies alone or out of position and punish them.
  • Late Game

    • Be the ultimate frontline tank, soaking up damage for your team.
    • Disrupt the enemy backline (their squishier damage dealers).
    • Coordinate with your team to take key objectives and push for victory.

General Arthur Tips

  • Start the Fight: Use your tankiness and crowd control to initiate for your team.
  • Protect the Team: Keep assassins and bruisers off your carries.
  • Stack Your Passive: Spread your passive debuff to as many enemies as possible for maximum control.
  • Choose Your Ultimate Wisely: Time your ultimate for when it will save you from damage or help you secure a kill.

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End of Arthur Build & Guide.