Honkai Star Rail | Healer Tier List 2.1

Tier S

Tier S | Honkai Star Rail Healer Tier List - zilliongamer


  • Versatile Healing -
    • Basic Attack Healing: Her basic attack applies a heal over time (HoT) to a single target, providing consistent healing.
    • Skill: Provides a stronger single-target heal with increased HoT potency.
    • Ultimate: Powerful AoE (Area of Effect) burst heal with a significant HoT effect applied to the whole team.
  • Energy Support: Fuxan's kit revolves around generating energy for the team, enabling more frequent casting of Ultimates across the board. This has a major impact on overall team survivability and damage output.
  • Offensive Potential: While primarily a healer, Fuxan's basic attack and skill provide a degree of respectable damage, making her a well-rounded character.


  • On-Demand Healing -
    • Skill: A powerful single-target burst heal which also leaves a mark. Whenever the marked character is attacked, Huohuo will perform a smaller follow-up heal.
    • Ultimate: A large AoE healing burst that also applies a shield to all teammates. The shield's strength is based on Huohuo's maximum HP, making her surprisingly tanky for a healer.
  • Revive Capability: Huohuo's passive grants her a unique revive mechanic. If a teammate dies while her skill mark is active, they will be revived with a portion of HP. This is a game-changing safety net.
  • Cleanse: Huohuo's kit also includes the ability to cleanse debuffs from allies, adding further utility.

Tier A

Tier A | Honkai Star Rail Healer Tier List - zilliongamer


  • Unique Scaling: Luocha's healing capabilities scale off his attack, making him a very unconventional healer. This means he can also be built to provide reasonable damage alongside healing.
  • Passive Lifeline: His passive talent creates a lifesteal-like effect for the entire team whenever he uses a basic attack. This offers a constant trickle of healing for sustained fights.
  • Burst Healing Potential: While Luocha's primary focus is consistent small heals, his Ultimate does deliver a respectable burst for emergency situations.
  • Situational Strength: Luocha excels on teams with a DPS character who can rapidly use basic attacks to trigger the passive heals consistently. This makes him more niche than a universally strong healer.Luocha


  • Cleanse Specialist: Lynx's primary strength is her ability to cleanse multiple debuffs simultaneously with her Ultimate. This is incredibly valuable in specific encounters where debuffs are a major threat.
  • Survival Response: Her skill applies a unique buff to a target called "Survival Response". This increases the odds of that character getting attacked, functioning as a pseudo-taunt to protect valuable allies.
  • Delayed Healing: Lynx's healing is often tied to her Survival Response buff, meaning it's delivered over time rather than as immediate bursts.

Tier B

Tier B | Honkai Star Rail Healer Tier List - zilliongamer


  • Conditional Healing: Bailu's healing is primarily tied to her basic attack. When her energy is full, this triggers an AoE heal around the targeted enemy. This makes her healing inconsistent for allies needing it the most.
  • Damage Focus: Bailu is a hybrid DPS/healer. While her healing potential exists, it's not her primary strength. Her kit is more geared towards dealing consistent damage.
  • Energy Dependency: Her AoE healing is only triggered when she has full energy, creating additional management demands on top of the healing itself.


  • Passive Shields: Gallagher provides passive shields with his basic attacks. These function as preventative damage mitigation, reducing the need for immediate healing in the first place.
  • Secondary Support: His focus on shielding and energy support for the team makes him a good utility character, but healing isn't his primary strength.
  • Limited Direct Healing: Gallagher's heals are a secondary effect of his kit, and often of smaller value than his supportive skills.


  • Buff and Debuff Hybrid: Gepard is a specialist in applying buffs to allies and debuffs to enemies. This is where his primary value lies.
  • Conditional Healing: Gepard has some healing potential linked to his skill. If he applies a buff to a target with at least one debuff on them, it triggers a small heal.
  • Healing Inconsistency: His healing is unreliable, as it requires the right setup of buffs and debuffs, making him less suitable as a dedicated primary healer.

Tier C

Tier C | Honkai Star Rail Healer Tier List - zilliongamer

March 7th

  • Non-Specialized Healer: March 7th is a support character whose kit has a minor healing component. Her skill applies a regenerative buff to a single ally, providing a small heal over time (HoT).
  • Primary Focus: March 7th's true strength lies in buffing allies' attack and providing energy support. Her healing capability is more of a side benefit than her main role.
  • Limited Healing Output: The amount of healing March 7th provides is relatively small and restricted to single-target application, making her unreliable as a primary healer.


  • Debuff Focus: Natasha's primary strength lies in applying debuffs to enemies, lowering their attack and defense. This makes your team take less damage, reducing healing pressure.
  • Delayed Healing: Her healing component is tied to her Ultimate. It offers a small heal and grants a unique buff to allies that heals them when they are attacked, creating a delayed effect.
  • Minimal Healing Impact: The overall amount of healing Natasha provides is relatively small compared to dedicated healers.