Honkai Star Rail | Support Tier List 2.1

Tier S

Tier S | Honkai Star Rail Support Tier List - zilliongamer

Ruan Mei

  • Powerful Healing and Elemental Reactions: Ruan Mei's primary support strength lies in her exceptional healing output. Her skills have high potency and she can generate healing orbs to provide consistent HP restoration for the team. Additionally, her Ice element facilitates Freeze reactions, offering some crowd control potential.
  • Damage Amplification: While her focus is healing, Ruan Mei also possesses the ability to boost her team's damage. Her talent can grant buffs that increase the damage dealt by allies, further augmenting their offensive power.
  • Energy Management: Ruan Mei can contribute to her team's energy management. Her skills and specific Light Cones provide energy for the team, ensuring smooth rotations and frequent Ultimate usage.


  • Multifaceted Support: Sparkle provides a balanced mix of healing, shielding, and buffs to her team. Her heals are strong, and her ability to generate shields increases the team's survivability significantly, especially against strong attacks.
  • Critical Rate Boost: Sparkle's most unique support ability is the capacity to increase the critical rate of her allies. This significantly enhances the damage output of DPS characters on the team, making her incredibly valuable in critical-hit-focused compositions.
  • Offensive Element: Her Lightning element allows for powerful Electro-charged reactions. This gives her team additional damage options and the ability to disrupt some enemies with the stun effect that Electro-charged can trigger.

Tier A

Tier A | Honkai Star Rail Support Tier List - zilliongamer


  • Cryogenic Amplifier: Bronya's core strength lies in her ability to dramatically empower Ice damage dealers. Her skills provide significant buffs to Ice attack, critical rate, and even inflict freeze effects, hindering enemy actions. Her ultimate further enhances this power spike, creating vulnerable states perfect for shattering with Ice attackers.
  • Team Composition Considerations: Bronya's true potential unlocks when paired with top-tier Ice DPS units. In these compositions, she transforms them into an unstoppable destructive force. However, her hyper-focus on Ice limits her effectiveness in teams lacking strong Ice elements, making her more niche and slightly less universally impactful than top-tier supports.
  • Situational Superstar: When you're conquering content with Ice-vulnerable enemies and your team features powerful Ice DPS characters, Bronya reigns supreme as their ultimate support.

Silver Wolf

  • Swift and Adaptable: Silver Wolf focuses on boosting both attack and speed, increasing your team's aggression and overall action rate. This makes her especially potent in Quantum-centric teams, where high speed is critical for maximizing damage output. Additionally, her ability to provide healing and shielding adds a vital layer of survivability.
  • Versatility vs. Specialization: Silver Wolf's well-rounded kit allows her to fit into various team compositions. However, her individual buffs and healing might not be the absolute strongest compared to specialized supports. This trade-off in ultimate focus for flexibility keeps her from reaching the peak of support potential.
  • Queen of Tempo: Silver Wolf is an excellent choice for fast-paced Quantum teams needing extra survivability. She empowers her allies to unleash their skills and ultimates more frequently, overwhelming foes with relentless attacks.


  • Flexible Maestro: Tingyun's unique strength lies in his ability to adapt his buffs based on the element of the active attacker. This grants him a wide range of utility, from boosting damage to increasing defense. Additionally, he can inflict enemy debuffs and generate energy, smoothing out team rotations and enhancing burst potential.
  • Jack-of-All-Trades, Master of Flexibility: Tingyun's flexibility allows him to slot seamlessly into a variety of team compositions, adapting his support style to the situation. This adaptability, however, means his buffs may not always be as potent as those provided by supports hyper-focused on a particular element or role.
  • Generalist with Purpose: Tingyun shines in teams with diverse elements, offering tailored support to every teammate. He's an excellent choice when you need solid buffs, debuffs, and energy generation wrapped in a single flexible package.

Tier B

Tier B | Honkai Star Rail Support Tier List - zilliongamer

  • Pela
  • Asta
  • Hanya

These characters possess solid support capabilities but have noticeable limitations or niche specializations. They won't be your first choice for every team composition but can be valuable in specific situations.

Tier C

Tier C | Honkai Star Rail Support Tier List - zilliongamer

  • Yukong