Incessant Rain Material & Tier | Honkai: Star Rail

Get to know all details information for Incessant Rain light cone in Honkai: Star Rail featuring stats, effect, materials, how to get them, and its tier.

Incessant Rain Effect & Stats

  • Rarity: 5 Star
  • Path: Nihility
  • HP
    • Level 1: 48
    • Level 80: 1058
  • ATK
    • Level 1: 26.4
    • Level 80: 582.12
  • DEF
    • Level 1: 21
    • Level 80: 463.05


Superimposition 1:

Increase the wearer'sEffect Hit Rate by 24%. When the wearer deals DMG to an enemy that currently has 3 or more debuffs, increase the wearer's CRIT Rate by 12%. After the wearer uses their Basic ATK, Skill, or Ultimate, there is a 100% base chance to implant Aether Code on a random hit target that does not yet have it. Targets with Aether Code receive 12% increased DMG for 1 turn.

Superimposition 5:

  • Increase the wearer'sEffect Hit Rate by 40%
  • Increase the wearer's CRIT Rate by 20%
  • Increase DMG Target with Aether Code: 20%

Note: You need to Warp the Same Light Cone to upgrade Superimposition level.

Incessant Rain Ascension Material

In order to upgrade Incessant Rain light cone up to max level 80 you will need some of the following ascension materials such as:

How to get Incessant Rain Light Cone

In order to get Incessant Rain light cone, you have to pull it from multiple banners or warps such as:

  • Light Cone event warp.
  • Regular warp.

Incessant Rain Tier - Best on Character

Incessant Rain is an SS-tier light cone in Honkai: Star Rail. It's the best light cone for the wearer that heavily relies on Effect Hit Rate and increase CRIT Rate.

Best on Character

  • Silver Wolf
    • Her signature Lightcone
    • Improve her base chance to add weakness
    • Boost her effect rate
  • Welt
    • Increase his effect rate in order to get his skill,talent, and Ulitmate effective.

End of Incessant Rain Guide.