Uraku Misugiri Best Characters | Genshin Impact

Here is a guide about the Uraku Misugiri Sword including stats, effects, how to get it, tips & tricks, and good for which character.

Uraku Misugiri Materials & Effect Bonus

Genshin Impact Sword Uraku Misugiri

Uraku Misugiri is a 5-star blade that was once created by the hand of Urakusai, the renowned literatus. Legend has it that it has never cut any living creature in all these hundreds of years.

Uraku MisugiriStats
Rarity:5 Stars
Base ATK:44.34
Secondary Stat:Critical Damage
Sec Stat (Level 1):19.2%

Base Stats


Effect: Brocade Bloom, Shrine Sword

Normal Attack DMG is increased by 16% and Elemental Skill DMG is increased by 24%. After a nearby active character deals Geo DMG, the aforementioned effects increase by 100% for 15s. Additionally, the wielder's DEF is increased by 20%.

Ascension Material

Here is a list of total materials, If you want to ascend this weapon to the maximum level to maximize full potential.

  • Coral Branch of a Distant Sea x5
  • Chaos Gear x23
  • Old Handguard x15
  • Jeweled Branch of a Distant Sea x14
  • Chaos Axis x27
  • Kageuchi Handguard x15
  • Jade Branch of a Distant Sea x14
  • Chaos Oculus x41
  • Famed Handguard x27
  • Golden Branch of a Distant Sea x6
  • Mora x225K

How to get Uraku Misugiri?

Weapon Banner

To obtain this sword you have to wish on a limited Weapon Banner. This weapon will be available in 4.5 Phase 1 at a higher rate.

How to use Uraku Misugiri - Tip & Best for whom

This sword provides DEF%, Normal Attack, and Elemental Skill DMG bonus which is great for characters who have a kit that scales on DEF or Elemental Skill-focused playstyle.

Best Characters

  • Chiori
    • Her signature weapon
    • Work well with her DPS/Sub-DPS build
    • Increase her CRIT DMG and provide additional DEF to gain additional DMG.
  • Albedo
    • Might be the best Albedo sword
    • Boost his Elemental Skill DMG.
  • Furina
    • Boost his Elemental Skill DMG.
    • Gain CRIT DMG stats and Normal ATK DMG bonus.
  • Ayaka
    • Boost her Overall DMG with CRIT DMG, Normal ATK, and EM bonus.
  • Ayato
    • Boost his Overall DMG with CRIT DMG, Normal ATK, and EM bonus.

Is it worth it to get Uraku Misugiri?

  • Yes!
    • Although even the character doesn't scale on DEF you still benefit from a sword with CRIT DMG, Normal ATK buff, and EM bonus DMG.

End of Uraku Misugiri Sword.