Violetgrass is an item in Local specialty material of Genshin Impact which is use for ascension two characters.

Violetgrass Genshin Impact

Description: A small flower with strong vitality. It was said its downward-blooming flower keeps its fragrance from dissipating.

What characters use Violetgrass?

Violetgrass is an item that is using for ascension with Qiqi and Xinyancharacters. The violetgrass farming route will reset every 2 days. 

Beside using it for ascension characters you can also use this item to cook food like:

  • Delicious Bountiful Year
  • Bountiful Year
  • Suspicious Bountiful Year
  • Wanmin Restaurant's Boiled Fish
  • Delicious Black-Back Perch Stew
  • Suspicious Black-Back Perch Stew
  • Delicious Stone Harbor Delicacies
  • Stone Harbor Delicacies
  • Suspicious Stone Harbor Delicacies

Where to find Violetgrass?

Violetgrass location can be found within the Liyue region, usually hanging from the sides of mountains.

Violetgrass location Genshin Impact

The Violetgrass is easy to find just go to the location we mention above and you will find it in the wild and near the cliffs in Liyue.

Or If you don't to find it you can buy it from these stores: Herbalist Gui Shop, Verr Goldet Shop, and Babak Shop.

End of Violetgrass.