Dandelion Seed

Dandelion Seed is an item in local specialty material of Genshin Impact which is use for ascension two characters.

Dandelion Seed Genshin Impact

Description: A tiny seed that rides on the wind. Even without its feathered wings, it still holds the hope from afar within.  In sense, the dandelion represents the romantic spirit of love and freedom.

What Characters use Dandelion Seed?

Dandelion Seed is an item that is using for ascension with Eula andJeancharacters. Dandelion Seed farming route will be reset every 2 days.

Beside using for character ascension you can also use it to craft for Windbarrier Potion, Gushing Essential Oil, Anemoculus Resonance Stone.

Where to Find Dandelion Seed?

Dandelion Seed location in Genshin Impact - zilliongamer

Dandelion seeds are a Local Specialty item that can be harvested from Dandelion Plants. Dandelion Plants are located within the Mondstadt region, and most notably near the Mondstadt gates. Dandelion seeds are dropped after using an Anemo (Wind) attack on a Dandelion Plant.